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SQL Server 2005 for IT Pro Michael Platt Architect, Microsoft UK Day 2 Keynote.

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1 SQL Server 2005 for IT Pro Michael Platt Architect, Microsoft UK Day 2 Keynote

2 .NET Framework Common Language Runtime Integration User-defined Aggregates User-defined Data Types User-defined Functions SQL Server.NET Data Provider Extended Triggers Data Types Managed SQL Types New XML Datatype Varchar (MAX) Varbinary (MAX) SQL Server Engine New Message Service Broker HTTP Support (Native HTTP) Database Tuning Advisor Multiple Active Result Sets Persisted Computed Columns Snapshot Isolation Level Scale Up Partitioning VIA support NUMA support Database Failure and Redundancy Fail-over Clustering (up to 8 node) Enhanced Multi-instance Support Database Mirroring Database Snapshots XML XQUERY Support XML Data Manipulation Language FOR XML Enhancements XML Schema (XSD) Support MSXML 6.0 (Native).Net XML Framework Full-text Search Indexing of XML Datatype Database Maintenance Backup and Restore Enhancements Checksum Integrity Checks Dedicated Administrator Connection Dynamic AWE Fast Recovery Highly-available Upgrade Online Index Operations Online Restore Parallel DBCC Parallel Index Operations Management Tools New Management Studio MDX Query Editor Version Control Support XML/A SQLCMD Command Line Tool Performance Tuning Profiler Enhancements Profiling Analysis Services Exportable Showplan Exportable Deadlock Traces MDAC SNAC Microsoft Installer base setup Support for Active Directory Deployment SQL Client.NET Data Provider Server Cursor Support Asynch Security All Permissions Grantable Fine Grain Administration Rights Separation of Users and Schema Data encryption primitives Replication Auto-tuning Replication Agents Oracle Publication Improved Blob Change Tracking Replication Monitor OLAP and Data Mining Analysis Management Objects Windows Integrated Backup and Restore Web Service/XML for Analysis DTS and DM Integration New Data Mining Algorithms Auto Packaging and Deployment Data Transformation Services New Architecture (DTR + DTP) Complex Control Flows Control Flow Debugging For Each Enumerations Property Mappings Full Data Flow Designer Full DTS Control Flow Designer Graphical Presentation of Pkg Execution Immediate Mode and Project Mode Package (Advanced) Deployment Tools Custom Tasks and Transformations Reporting Services Multiple Output Formats Parameters (Static, Dynamic, Hierarchical) Bulk Delivery of Personalized Content Support Multiple Data Sources STS (Web Parts, Doc Libraries) Visual Design Tool Charting, Sorting, Filtering, Drill-Through Scheduling, Caching Complete Scripting Engine Scale Out architecture Open XML Report Definition Notification Services & SQL Server CE

3 Developer Productivity.NET Framework hosting Native XML technology Integrated web services Distributed application framework Business Intelligence Comprehensive ETL platform Real time analytics Accessible, easy data mining Rich, integrated reporting Enterprise Data Management Flexible, manageable, scalable Improved serviceability Self optimization and tuning Fast recovery and restore Secure, Quality Database 3 years in development Many new security features Secure by default Large private beta for early quality

4 Availability and security advancements Database mirroring, online operations for increased availability Data security and privacy: encryption, enhanced auditing Continued focus on manageability Integrated management toolset for relational and OLAP Expanded self tuning Performance and scalability Scales as the business grows: partitioning, snapshots From mobile devices to 64-bit data centers

5 Availability and Security Database Server Failure Failover Clustering Database Mirroring Database Maintenance & Operations Online Index Operations Fast Recovery Fine-Grained Online Repairs Data Access Concurrency Limitations Snapshot Isolation User, Application Errors Database snapshots Enhanced security features Encryption and decryption of data with key management Advanced auditing, authentication, and authorization Reduction in surface area More optional installation options Minimized Attack surface: Features require explicit configuration Deployment improvements Integration with Microsoft Update services

6 Manageability Integrated Management, Rich UI Scale down time/effort for common management tasks Server Transparency Everything scriptable

7 Cost SavingsScalability The highly scalable database platform for memory intensive, performance-critical business applications Manageability Optimized for Windows Server 2003 Support for AMD Opteron & Intel Itanium with Beta 2 Intel EM64T coming with Beta 3 Great performance Large memory addressability (up to 32 TB) Nearly unlimited virtual memory (up to 8 TB) I/O savings due to larger memory buffer pools T-SQL code-compatibility with SQL Server 2000 8 node clustering support Same on-disk format as 32-bit for easy migration 64bit support for relational engine and BI Compelling alternative to expensive Unix solutions 64-bit Database Platform High-performance computing

8 Scalable, comprehensive solution End-to-end business intelligence Integrated with Visual Studio for rapid BI development Real-time decision making tools New extensible reporting platform Scalable and reliable for 24*7 support BI for the entire enterprise Supports heterogeneous data sources Enterprise-class ETL (DTS)

9 Integration Services Breakthrough ETL capabilities Enterprise ETL platform High performance High scale Trustworthy and reliable Best in class usability Rich development environment Source control Visual debugging of control flow and data Great range of transforms out-of-the- box Highly extensible Custom tasks Custom enumerations Custom transformations Custom data sources

10 Introduced with SQL Server 2000 Open, extensible enterprise reporting solution Report authoring, management, delivery Office System integration VS.NET development environment SQL Server 2005 enhancements Integration with AS, DTS, management tools Developer enhancements Improved report interactivity Rich end-user reporting Reporting Services

11 Analysis Services Unified Dimensional Model Integrating relational and OLAP views Pro-active caching Bringing the best of MOLAP to ROLAP Advanced Business Intelligence KPIs, MDX scripts, translations, currency… Web services Native XML/A

12 Data Mining Focus Complete set of analytics Most popular data mining algorithms (5 new) Enhanced creating, editing, and viewing environment Embedded data mining Embed data mining in LOB applications Complete SQL language based API Native XML/A support Integrated solution Tight integration with Relational, OLAP, DTS, Reporting technologies Comprehensive SQL Server BI platform Alliance with ISVs Focus on broadening the market Agreed on finalizing DM industry standard based on OLE DB for DM and XML/A

13 Runs Microsoft Runs 100% on SQL Server Runs Microsoft products before customers 15+ apps live on SQL Server 2005 today! 50+ applications on SQL Server 2005 before RTM Key mission critical apps live on Beta 2 SAP R/3 Deployment, 1.7 TB Feedstore: Staging DW for all Microsoft data Microsoft Sales Revenue Reporting and BI system Full data life-cycle in SQL Server 2005 [Sales] SAP Feedstore Microsoft Sales

14 Microsoft R/3 Statistics Global System in Redmond Financials Sales & Distribution HR 1.7+ TB Database 2,500 named users; 57,000+ total users 200-600 concurrent users 300k+ SAP transactions/day 100k+ batch jobs/month <0.5 sec. response time 99.9+% SAP availability 25 production servers SAP R/3 Log Shipping SQL Server 2005

15 Performance 10-15% improvement in ETL >50% query improvement with table partitioning Reliability and Availability Data mirroring Great savings in development time because of new functions Code creation and maintenance Taking OLAP to new scalability levels Many-to-many & linked dimensions Multiple hierarchies/dimension, fact tables/cube Shorter batch feed windows – HA & greater uptime Fast data transformation – DTS Managing larger and larger databases – VLDB Table partitioning & online reorg


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