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The Industrial Revolution in the U.S.

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1 The Industrial Revolution in the U.S.

2 Definition Mass production caused by using new machines & making a lot of products

3 Big Invention Interchangeable parts! By Eli Whitney
Makes product easier & cheaper to make (& cheaper to buy)

4 Causes Embargo Act of 1807 – forced U.S. to focus on their own industry U.S. coast during blockaded during War of 1812

5 Effects Social: large numbers of unskilled workers get jobs
Economic: U.S. becomes profitable for entrepreneurs

6 Problems … North & South develop very different economies…
North = industry South = agricultural w/slave labor!

7 Andrew Jackson

8 How to label your Jackson Foldable
Each flap will have a title… 2.03/2.04: Andrew Jackson Election of Andrew Jackson Jackson & Native Americans Jackson & States’ Rights Legacy of Andrew Jackson Cartoon: King Andrew the 1st

9 Election of 1824 HOR decides winner & selects John Q. Adams as President Jackson calls the election a “Corrupt Bargain” because of a deal between Henry Clay & John Adams… Henry Clay convinced the HOR to vote in Adams as President…then, Adams made Clay Sec. of State Something’s fishy!!!

10 “Jacksonian Democrats”
Formed by supporters of Jackson who left the Dem-Rep. party after the corrupt election of 1824

11 Election of 1828 Candidates John Q. Adams Andrew Jackson
Results: Jackson won by a large majority – mainly due the large number of commoners voting!! Jackson appealed to commoners

12 “Old Hickory” Jackson’s nickname…
Came from the War of 1812 & the Battle of New Orleans

13 Age of the Common Man The Spoils System
Jackson appoints friends & loyal party supporters to gov’t jobs Kitchen Cabinet:  Nickname of Jackson's "spoiled" cabinet They had to enter & leave the White House through the kitchen doors!!

14 5 Civilized Tribes 5 SE tribes that adopted European/white culture
Sequoya: Developed the Cherokee alphabet “talking leaves”

15 Native American Relations
Assimilate: Forcing Native Americans to give up traditions & culture to become more like white people Indian Removal Act of 1830:  Fed. Gov't. made treaties with Native American tribes to remove them from their tribal land

16 Native American Relations (Cont’d)
One court case: Worcester vs. Georgia: Supreme Court ruled that Georgia had NO authority to remove the Cherokee from their land! Jackson ignored ruling & forced Native Americans to move anyway “John Marshall made his decision, now let him enforce it!” – Jackson’s response to John Marshall’s ruling in Worcester v Georgia.

17 Trail of Tears Route Native Americans from Georgia to Oklahoma due to being removed from their tribal land Forced removal


19 Supreme Court & Jackson
The court disliked Jackson’s removal policies because it went against their ruling in Worcester v Georgia!

20 Tariff of Abominations
Name Southerners gave the protective tariffs Tariffs only benefited the North North getting rich at the expense of the South

21 Hayne-Webster Debate Senate debates over the power of the Federal Gov’t. & the power of the State Gov’ts. Hayne: From SC & supported States’ Rights Webster: From MA & supported Federal authority

22 John C. Calhoun Jackson’s VP who supported States’ Rights
Jackson & Calhoun have a falling out over the issue – Calhoun resigns in 1832

23 Nullification Proposed by Calhoun
States have the rights to reject Federal Laws & the US Constitution

24 South Carolina Declared tariffs unconstitutional & threatened to leave the Union Force Bill: Jackson threatens to send the military to force SC to pay tariffs.

25 Bank of the United States
Nicholas Biddle: President of the Bank of the US who favored the elite & rich over common people

26 Bank of the United States (Cont’d)
Jackson disliked the Bank & Biddle. Why? He believed the Bank: Aided the rich merchants, manufacturers & bankers at the expense of common man Power was concentrated in the hands of a few The bank had too much economic & political influence

27 Pet Banks State banks that are loyal to the Democratic Party
End to the Bank controversy: Jackson put money into these banks in an effort to "kill" the National Bank Jackson withdrew gov’t funds from the Bank & put them in “pet banks” Charter ran out in 1836 Specie Circular: Only gold & silver coins will be used to buy land from the Federal Gov’t. Response to Pet Banks printing worthless money!

28 Consequences of Jackson’s Presidency
Created a very strong Executive Branch Whigs: Political party created to oppose Jackson & an overly powerful President

29 1840 Election Whig Candidate: William H. Harrison
(1812 War Hero) Tippecanoe & Tyler, Too!! Harrison’s campaign slogan. Harrisons dies within 1 month of taking office & Tyler becomes President.

30 Conclusion Average citizen becomes more involved in politics & elections Regional differences continue to divide the nation

31 Veto Power Presidential authority to reject a bill proposed by Congress How did Jackson use it? Used it to resist federal activity as much as possible Killed the Bank of the US


33 2.03/2.04: Andrew Jackson’s Presidency

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