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This lesson we will learning about... Resources and Costs And different Media Types

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1 This lesson we will learning about... Resources and Costs And different Media Types

2 NO IDEA I NEED HELP NEVER HEARD OF IT OK I CAN DO THIS WITH SUPPORT SOME GUIDANCE NEEDED NEARLY AT MY TARGET GOT IT! VERY CONFIDENT WILL HIT MY TARGET GRADE EXCEED TARGET Success Criteria < C (All) Describe costs needed for the campaign. C > Most) Analyse these costs comparing with the budgets. Looking at internal and outsourcing costs. B > (Some) Will have an in-depth appreciation of the costs, which are realistic and meet objectives. A >Recommendations LEARNING OBJECTIVES Explore resources needed for our campaign, looking at the costs associated with them.

3 AO2 - Explains how the campaign’s promotional mix and timings and costs of promotional activities are designed to achieve the campaign’s objectives.

4 In marketing, this is commonly known as "promotion". It is not enough for a business to have good products sold at attractive prices. To generate sales and profits, the benefits of products have to be communicated to customers”

5 Promotional Mix The combination of promotional activities in a campaign is called the promotional mix. MAKE SURE OUR OVERVIEW SHEET IS COMPLETE AND WE ARE REFERRING TO IT THROUGHOUT Its important that your are clear about your promotional mix and objectives (AO1) BEFORE we start our promotional plan (AO2).

6 AO2 - Coursework You are required to plan your promotional campaign – meeting your set objectives. It must contain a well developed promotional mix, timings and the costs. ALWAYS linking to research and how these meet your promotional objectives. IT MUST BE COHERENT IN ORDER TO GET MB3 OR ABOVE!

7 BUDGETS The promotional activities that are available to your business will be shaped by human resources, physical resources and financial resources.

8 Financial Resources The budget you have been allocated in _____ This obviously has an impact upon the human resources you are able to hire, the physical resources you could buy! The real benefit of a promotional campaign is hard to prove. Business would cut promotional costs rather than lay off staff or look for savings elsewhere. !!Discuss this in your introduction to the task

9 Physical Resources Promotional activities require physical resources such as print, IT equipment, distribution systems. (computer, printer, paper, ink, DVD, van) In most cases, even with ample resources it is impossible to produce large volumes. Contractors or specialist companies maybe used. A business would review both physical and human resources to calculate a cost (in house) and using this as a bench mark for external companies.

10 Physical Resources – In house [example] In order to print 1000 flyers in colour I would need to purchase; Colour inkjet printer – £200 - Argos 4 reams of paper – £6.99 - Staples Ink cartridges (4) – £16.95each = £67.80 Only prints 500 sheets £67.80 x 2 = £135.60 - Staples KEY FEATURES Print speed (colour, draft quality, A4) 33 ppm (16ppm – high quality) = Over 1hour to print. (6ph) Electricity (consideration) £348.59 Other consideration? What will customers think of the ‘home made leaflets?’

11 Make sure your add all sources into your coursework – like this!

12 TASKS Are you clear about your promotional mix? Write a list of all the things you might need in order to carry out your campaign – In house! What could be outsourced? – Highlight those activities. Using the internet you need to gather information about the resources you need. – Record everything table available on


14 Summaries Total Costs ResourceBusinessCost 1000 FlyersSolo Express£180 250 PensPrompt-a-print£50 Radio AdvertPulse£650 Staffing Costs2members * 5hours per wk£75 TOTAL£……

15 Human Resources Producing and delivering promotional activities requires skills such as: – Communication skills (deliver messages, alter perceptions) – Design Skills (attractive designs, layouts, attention grabbing) – Organisational Skills (co-ordinate, monitor, publish) – Technical Skills (produce print, IT media)

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