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This lesson we will be reflecting on your learning about... Motivation.

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1 This lesson we will be reflecting on your learning about... Motivation

2 NO IDEA I NEED HELP NEVER HEARD OF IT OK I CAN DO THIS WITH SUPPORT SOME GUIDANCE NEEDED NEARLY AT MY TARGET GOT IT! VERY CONFIDENT WILL HIT MY TARGET GRADE EXCEED TARGET Success Criteria < CDefine motivation and describe some techniques C >Explain some techniques and how they work in the work place B >To analyse techniques, its benefits and problems A >QOWC and SPAG LEARNING OBJECTIVES Explore methods of motivating staff in the work place

3 Write down 4 reasons why businesses spend money on motivating staff Title: Motivation Definition: A desire to complete a task, to meet the needs of the business. A driving force that initiates and directs behaviour in order to achieve something.

4 What motivates workers? Write down 4 ways in which workers can be motivated. Staff can be motivated by the following; 1) 2) 3) 4) Which do you think is the most efficient way of motivating staff and why?

5 Financial Motivational Methods AdvantagesDis-Advantages

6 What problems are caused by de-motivated staff?

7 Problems with de-motivated staff Absenteeism Poor productivity Poor labour relations Waste/mistakes = Customer Complaints Poor time-keeping Poor customer service

8 Methods used to motivate staff Change leadership styles Teamwork Communication Payment More involvement in the business Training Staff development and job-rotation

9 Watch the video Q Q – Making employees more efficient (2 minutes) cartoon BBC Learning Zone ivating-staff/8584.html 4 minutes ivating-staff/8584.html

10 Exam Question Prep List the benefits to a business of improved motivation. –

11 TEAM WORK – GET INTO 3’s Designate a team member a ‘scribe’ They need a pen and a piece of paper. (they need to face the back of the class) The other 2 members need a number. Number 1 and Number 2 When I call ‘NUMBER 1’ All number 1’s will come to the front to look at my diagram. They need to remember as much as they can You will have 20 seconds.. then describe what they see to the scribe. Then its number 2’s turn. The winner is the team with the best drawing.

12 EH04OsNuvcw EH04OsNuvcw – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs zQ9vrvTAtk zQ9vrvTAtk Hierarchy of Needs in Ratatouille

13 Motivation Theory Test & Markschemes

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