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This lesson we will be reflecting on your learning about... Motivation.

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1 This lesson we will be reflecting on your learning about... Motivation

2 NO IDEA I NEED HELP NEVER HEARD OF IT OK I CAN DO THIS WITH SUPPORT SOME GUIDANCE NEEDED NEARLY AT MY TARGET GOT IT! VERY CONFIDENT WILL HIT MY TARGET GRADE EXCEED TARGET Success Criteria < C Define motivation and describe some techniques C > Explain some techniques and how they work in the work place B > To analyse techniques, its benefits and problems A >QOWC and SPAG LEARNING OBJECTIVES Explore methods of motivating staff in the work place

3 Write down 4 reasons why businesses spend money on motivating staff Title: Motivation Definition: A desire to complete a task, to meet the needs of the business. A driving force that initiates and directs behaviour in order to achieve something.

4 What motivates you? Write down 4 ways in which you are motivated. I am motivated by the following; 1) 2) 3) 4)

5 What problems are caused by de-motivated staff?

6 Problems with de-motivated staff Absenteeism Poor productivity Poor labour relations Waste/mistakes = Customer Complaints Poor time-keeping Poor customer service

7 Methods used to motivate staff Change leadership styles Teamwork Communication Payment More involvement in the business Training Staff development and job-rotation

8 Watch the video &feature=related In the video what things do the workers say will motivate them to get the death star finished on time? What things are not motivating the workers at the moment?

9 Activity 3 Write a business letter to Darth Vader explaining what things you think he should implement in the workplace to motivate his staff and say why you think this would work. Extension: mention the theories we have covered

10 Read out letters Peer assessment

11 Plenary What have you learnt? 5 key facts

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