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ENLIGHTENMENT JEOPARDY. PhilosophesReligionSocietyPoliticsWomen Odds and Ends Hodge Podge 100 200 300 400 500 Final JeopardyFinal Jeopardy Politics.

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2 PhilosophesReligionSocietyPoliticsWomen Odds and Ends Hodge Podge Final JeopardyFinal Jeopardy Politics

3 _____ and _____ were the major intellectual forerunners of the Enlightenment. 100

4 Philosophes Isaac Newton and John Locke

5 In An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690), Locke argued that all humans enter the world a _____, or blank page 200

6 Tabula Rasa Philosophes

7 What book praised the virtues of the English and implicitly criticized the abuses of French society? 300

8 Letters on the English BONUSPhilosophes

9 Written by Voltaire,____, attacked war, religious persecution, and what he considered unwarranted optimism about the human condition

10 Candide Philosophes

11 Name four of the most famous philosophes. 400

12 Voltaire, Montesquieu, Diderot, DAlembert, Rousseau, Hume, Gibbon, Smith, Lessing, Kant Philosophes

13 Philosophes criticized the Christian church for many things except: 500

14 Taking a small role in national politics Philosophes

15 Which religion regarded God as a kind of divine watchmaker who had created the mechanism of nature, set it in motion, and departed? 100

16 Deism Religion

17 Many portrayed ___ as an exceptionally carnal or sexually promiscuous religion 200

18 ReligionIslam

19 David Hume radically spoke out against ____ in religion. 300

20 Miracles Religion

21 Gotthold Lessing wrote ____ which was a plea for toleration of not only Christianity, but also other religious faiths. 400

22 Nathan the Wise BONUS Religion

23 In ___ Spinoza so closely identified God and nature, or the spiritual and material worlds, that contemporaries condemned him.

24 Ethics Religion

25 500 Voltaire wrote _____ to hound authorities for a new investigation of a case where a Huguenot was sentenced to execution for the murder of his son

26 Treatise on Tolerance Religion

27 The Enlightenment flourished in a ____, that is, a culture in which books, journals, newspapers, and pamphlets had achieved a status of their own. 100

28 Print Culture Society

29 An expanding, literate public and the growing influence of secular printed materials created a new and increasingly influential force known as_________. 200

30 Public Opinion Society

31 300 ______ originated with philosophes hoping to end human cruelty by discovering social laws and making people aware of them.

32 Social Science Society

33 400 Beccaria published _____, in which he applied critical analysis to the problem of making punishments both effective and just.

34 On Crimes and Punishments Society

35 What was one of the greatest monuments of the enlightenment and its most monumental undertaking in the realm of print culture? 500

36 Encyclopedia BONUS Society

37 Denis Diderot in the Encyclopedia included illustrations of what?

38 Machinery and working people from across the globe Society

39 Adam Smith is considered the founder of ?. 100

40 Laissez-faire Politics

41 Aristocratic courts were known as: 200

42 Politicsparlements

43 300 In ____, Montesquieu pursued an empirical method, taking illustrative examples from the political experience of both ancient and modern nations.

44 Spirit of Laws Politics

45 400 Within The Wealth of Nations, Smith, like other Scottish thinkers of the day, embraced an important theory of human social and economic development known as:

46 The four stage theory BONUS Politics

47 _____ does not propose specific reforms, but outlines the kind of political structure that Rousseau believed would overcome the evils of contemporary politics and society.

48 The Social Contract Politics

49 500 Rousseau suggested that society is _____ than its individual members.

50 More important Politics

51 100 Marry Wollstonecraft wrote ______ in 1792.

52 A Vindication of the Rights of Women Women

53 200 In a Vindication of the Rights of Women Wollstonecraft ______ the argument for distinct and separate spheres for men and women.

54 Criticizes and rejects Women

55 300 Most philosophes were not strong _____.

56 feminists Women

57 400 Which Philosophe indicated a belief in the equality of men and women?

58 Montesquieu BONUS Women

59 The Encyclopedia suggested ways to improve womens lives but did not advocate:

60 Reform for the condition of women. women

61 500 Who helped Voltaire publish Elements of the Philosophy of Newton?

62 Voltaires mistress Countess Emilie de Chatelet women

63 100 What two styles of art dominated 18 th century European art and architecture?

64 Rococo and Neoclassical Hodge Podge

65 200 Neoclassicism recalled ancient republican values that implicitly criticized _______.

66 The Old Regime Hodge Podge

67 300 Rococo architecture and decoration originated in early 18 th century ____.

68 France Hodge Podge

69 400 The paintings associated with Rococo art often portrayed the aristocracy _____.

70 At play Hodge Podge

71 500 Name 4 rulers who embodied Enlightened Absolutism.

72 BONUS Hodge Podge Frederick the Great, Maria Theresa, Joseph II, Catherine the Great

73 The French aristocrats built ___ in Paris after the death of King Louis XIVs death in 1715.

74 Hotels Hodge Podge

75 What is the form of monarchial government in which the central absolutist administration was strengthened and rationalized at the cost of other smaller centers of political power?

76 Enlightened Absolutism Final Jeopardy

77 The greatest German philosophe of the Enlightenment. 100

78 Immanuel Kant Odds and Ends Odds and Ends

79 _____ in France argued against an uninvolved or impersonal God 200

80 Jansenism Odds and Ends Odds and Ends

81 ______ played a major roll in the salon movement. 300

82 Women Odds and Ends Odds and Ends

83 Deism proclaimed that the universe was governed by _______, not by a personal God. 400

84 Natural law Odds and Ends Odds and Ends

85 The political outgrowth of the Enlightenment. 500

86 Classical Liberalism Odds and ends Odds and ends

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