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Welcome to Curriculum Night. Where do I find all of the important information? My website The District Website.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night

2 Where do I find all of the important information? My website The District Website ?PageID=1 Infinite Campus

3 Common Core

4 Homework Homework is given based on the district homework standards. For third grade, they are expected to have 20-30 minutes of homework per day, four days a week. The homework does not count as a percentage grade but is included in the behavior portion of their report card. It is also meant to help students keep concepts current so they can perform better in class and on standardized tests. Homework will be coming home in a variety of ways this year. I will keep you informed. In addition, about once or twice a quarter, students will be assigned a book project. The book project will be sent home with step-by-step directions, a timeline for completion, and a scoring rubric. Book projects will be included in their language arts grade.

5 Grading System Starting in third grade, the letter grading system set by the district is used. The percentages with the corresponding letter grades are: 90-100%A (90-92 A-, 93-96 A, 97- 100 A+) 80-89%B 70-79%C 60-69%D below 59%F

6 Testing CATS students are required to take the same tests as all other students. However, the difference is at what grade level they are given. Any state or federal tests must be given on grade level. The students will be DIBELS tested and given the AIMS at a third grade level. This year we are implementing a new Math program, BrainHoney. This program is designed to challenge students who are excelling on the given topics. For each unit students will be pretested. If the student falls into the excelling category they will be given a higher level of math instruction for that topic. There will be formative tests throughout each unit and a summative test at the end of the unit. Reading and spelling tests are generally given every Friday.

7 Accelerated Reader AR testing is available at our school. The level of their books are based on their results on the STAR test given at the beginning, middle, and end of the year. You may access their information through Renaissance Home Connect at : gin.aspx by using your child’s username and password (which they will know). If you notice they are getting a lot of 100%s, encourage them to choose harder books. If you notice they are getting low scores, talk with them about their books before they take their tests to make sure they are ready. If they still struggle, they may need to choose slightly easier books. AR testing will not be included in students’ reading grade.

8 Attendance If your child is going to be absent, please notify the front office by calling the attendance line (480-224-3204). If possible, also send me an e-mail to let me know that your child will be absent.

9 Celebrations Birthdays are celebrated throughout the month. Treats must be store bought and will be handed out towards the end of the school day. Other classroom celebrations are allowed four times during the school year and will be the times when all kinds of snacks are allowed: Fall Winter Valentine’s Day Last Day More information on these celebrations will be sent out when that time of year arrives.

10 Take Home Folder Your child should bring their Take Home Folder daily. Please sign behavior and reading chart. Lookout for notices from office (youngest and only.) Graded papers

11 Specials Specials follow a six day rotation schedule. The specials and their corresponding days are: Day 1Music Day 2Computer Lab Day 3P.E. Day 4Music Day 5Library Day 6P.E.

12 Discipline Daily Behavior Charts Group points Caught Being Good Class token jar Misconduct Tickets

13 Volunteer Opportunities Design Squad Classroom Help Art Masterpiece Room Parent Field Trips Special Projects For the safety of students all volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Information Form.

14 Donations PTO Donation - $25 Tax Credit Donations

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