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Ms. Romich’s 2 nd Grade Class Welcome Parents!. Before We Begin  Sign up for a conference  Sign up to volunteer  Look around the room  Write your.

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1 Ms. Romich’s 2 nd Grade Class Welcome Parents!

2 Before We Begin  Sign up for a conference  Sign up to volunteer  Look around the room  Write your child a note

3 Welcome to Room 15!  Introduction of Myself  Background  Experience  Introduction of Our Theme  Kitchen/Cooking

4 Routines  Morning Procedures  School starts at 7:50 so please make sure your child arrives on time.  If you know your child will be absent please call the absentee line ( ) or send a note in advance.  Meals  Snack - Nut Free (around 9:30-10:00)  Lunch 11:55-12:25  Dismissal  Buses start loading at 2:35. Please send a note about any changes. Please do NOT send an if the change occurs after school starts just call the office and leave a message. ( )

5 Classroom Expectations  Be safe.  Be responsible.  Be respectful.

6 Behavior Programs  Individual Behavior Program  Stop & Think Signs  Whole Class Behavior Program  Marbles

7 Our Daily Schedule  Academic Blocks  2 hours Language Arts block  1 hour Math block  minutes for Science or Social Studies  Specials  Recess (daily for 15 minutes)  PE (Mon., Wed., and Friday) - tennis shoes  SEARCH and Guidance (EOW Fri.)  Music (Mon. and Tues.)  Spanish (Thurs.)  Library (Tues.) - open checkout daily  Art (Thurs.)  Computer Lab (Wed.)  Curiosity Cave - monthly

8 Grading Policy  Assignments will be scored with an 4, 3, 2, or 1.  Grading and effort learning progression scales  Writing learning progression scales  Please keep in mind that information about a child’s achievement and development may be gathered in a number of ways. Some techniques are:  Observations  Discussions/conferences  Work samples  Verbal and nonverbal participation  Assessments

9 Report Cards and Conferences  Report cards are issued 4 times a year.  Conferences are held in the fall and by request.  Students are assessed in both academic and effort.  Students will receive a score of E, M, P, B for academic growth.  Students will receive an O, S, N for effort.

10 Report Cards  Grading Scale:  E = exceeds standards, M = meets standards, P = making progress towards standard, B = below standard  These letters are not the same as the traditional A-F report card  Effort Scale:  O = Outstanding, S = Satisfactory, N = Needs Improvement

11 Report Card Data  Reading  DRA reading levels  Independent levels 1 st and 4 th quarters  Instructional levels 2 nd and 3 rd quarters  Math  SME level  Given as grade level (ex: 2.5)  Will not see on the report card at the beginning of the year

12 Homework  Look in “To Go” folder and agenda every night.  Reading (15 minutes nightly)  Word Study: Spelling City (Mon. - Thurs.)  Math: (3 times a week)  Science or Social Studies (once a week)  Projects – as assigned  Sunshine Math – optional enrichment math which starts in October  Homework should take about 30 minutes. If your child is struggling with his/her homework, please let me know.

13 How I use spelling city?  Log onto  Click on student icon-top left of page.  Move curser down to #2 “Find a list” -type in Mouritzen.  My name will appear with school name. Please click on my name, this is dark blue. This will open up to “my page” with a message. Click on the homework for the week. Each word study group will have their own list named by color and the date.  Please have students do 1 activity per day-Monday through Thursday. I will assess on the reviewed words on Friday. If your child would like to do more activities please feel free to do so! Please do not print any activities; I trust this will be done

14 Communication  Folders  Thursday Folders (Red)  PTA and school information  Student work  Notes to and from school  To Go (Orange)  Agendas  Homework - written instructions  Phone Calls  Please leave a message in the office. ( )  Updates  Monthly Newsletters

15 Communication  - do NOT use for emergencies   Website  /site/default.asp /site/default.asp  Upcoming Events  Nine Week Plans  Newsletters  Homework Assignments  Classroom Schedule  Grading Policy  Curriculum Web Sites

16 Celebrations/Birthdays  Birthdays  LCPS is not allowing any food or non- food items to celebrate birthdays.  Students cannot pass out invitations at school.  Class Parties  Winter Celebration  End of year

17 Student of the Week  Each student will have a special week to design a poster (provided by me) and bring in items to share with the class.  The poster will be sent home a week before it is due.

18 Medication  If your child requires medication, please give it directly to our school nurse. The children are not allowed to give it to the nurse.  Children are NOT allowed to have medication in class.

19 I’m looking forward to a great year!

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