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Mrs. Wendy Erwin Corydon Elementary School

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1 Mrs. Wendy Erwin Corydon Elementary School
Welcome to First Grade Mrs. Wendy Erwin Corydon Elementary School

2 Volunteering in my room or at school
At the conclusion of my meeting, feel free to submit your name and information for volunteering. *classroom assistance and special projects

3 I’m so excited about the school year!!!!!!
Room is very hands-on (interactive centers and plenty of opportunities to be challenged, also one-on-one time with me for growth)‏ Practice the 4-Block method for Language Arts instruction, Tucker Signing for word instruction and Write Traits for writing instruction Challenge vocabulary program: starts date??, word will be a common thread for our theme for the week, students will have the opportunity to spell it on their spelling test on Friday for a bear buck, *Antonyms and synonyms for the words will also be studied, along with the definition and writing complete sentences using the word* Computer center time Differentiated instruction ***If you would like any literature on these programs, please let me know.*** Curriculum is mapped through ICAN, all first grade standards are reinforced throughout the year during JUMPSTART.

4 ICAN (assessment)‏ Demonstrated- You’ve got it! Super!
South Harrison Community School Corporation uses ICAN. Each child is evaluated on each standard for their grade level. There are six categories of evaluation: Applied- Above and Beyond Demonstrated- You’ve got it! Super! Ongoing- Almost There…Look at your mistakes. Developing- Ask your family to help you with this. Emerging- You are having trouble. Work on this every night. Introduced- Not getting the concept at all. **We will be sitting down to a conference when you receive your child’s first ICAN report, so we will be able to talk more in depth about the needs for your child.

5 What will assessment look like on my child’s papers?
At this time, please view the paper in your packet for an explanation on what assessments look like.

6 Daily Assignments….. Not a big paper pusher, but students will be responsible daily for completing tasks in…. *morning work, grammar and math **additional activities in guided reading when appropriate MOST ALL OTHER INSTRUCTION IS HANDS-ON, AND I ASSESS AS THEY COMPLETE IT

7 Management in my room Use Positive Reinforcement and stress Character Counts! (TRRFCC)‏ Individual discipline: Pulling cards, discipline referrals and bear bucks (used for treasure chest, candy jar or borrowing class supplies **like a mini-economy and teaches the value of money and responsibility**)‏ Whole Group incentive: marble jar (class parties, special events) When discussing issues with your child, I will use terms like: choice, decision and CC! language.

8 Communication about your child’s behavior?: Weekly Behavior Logs
*Filled out daily by your child and kept in their stay-at-school folder *Will be sent home on Fridays for you to look over *Please sign and return to school with your child on Monday *Helps me to monitor conduct and life skills

9 Special Programs at CES
Kitten Kudos: Children sign a book in the office for doing something great. The names of students receiving Kitten Kudos will be published in the weekly school newsletter, and we are hoping to have it published in The Corydon Democrat as well.

10 Caught Being Good: Children who are “caught being good” in the cafeteria will be given a ticket. Tickets are put in a jar with a drawing being held monthly for prizes. Classroom Critters: The top two classrooms in the school with the best attendance in a given month will be given a classroom critter to enjoy. We do not know what the critters are yet, but are awaiting our chance to have one in the room!

11 Attendance at CES Please be sure to read the attendance policy in your child’s agenda book/handbook. If you have any questions, please see the front office.

12 What are your nightly responsibilities?
Please check your child’s agenda book each night for homework. I require my first graders to read for 15 minutes every night. Also, check for any additional homework material I may send home. (math reinforcement, grammar, or word activities) After checking and completing your child’s homework, please sign the agenda for me and record the book title that you read. Put any additional homework papers in your child’s going-home folder to be returned to school the next day. Word Block words will be put in your child’s agenda every Monday. Please look in there to practice. Also, a weekly newsletter will be sent home every Friday. This will inform you about the skills covered that week, and the new word block words for the following week. This will allow for you to get a head start on studying your child’s words for the next week.

13 Other Helpful Information in your packet:
My address: (also on your weekly newsletter) First Grade Word Wall list (these words are included in your child’s weekly spelling list and reinforce the weekly spelling skill) They are posted on the word wall after they are tested. They must be spelled correctly at all times after they are tested, or your child will have to write them ten times each for extra practice.**There will also be transfer words on the test that have not been included in your weekly list. This is to assess and communicate to you if your child has mastered phonic application for that week. Please visit our school website for practice websites for at home practice on skills.

14 Let’s have a great year!! Thanks so much for coming!!!!
Our teamwork will make the difference in your child’s education.

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