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Rosa Parks Elementary School

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1 Rosa Parks Elementary School
Mr. Martin / Mrs. Martyr 6th Grade – B - Track Welcome to Back to School Night! Please find a seat at your child’s desk. The presentations will begin at 6:00 and 6:35. Go Knights!

2 Communication E-mail
Phone (School- Voic ) Conferences- Before or after school- Please contact me first. Letters- Send a note with your child to school I will send home test results, weekly progress reports, and notes. I will you or call you with any major concerns. Please contact me anytime!

3 Grades The bulk of your child’s grades will be from tests taken in class. Class work is practice that leads up to assessment. Multiple opportunities are given before the test for a child to learn the concept. More practice prior to the test = more success. Math- Quizzes and tests. Quiz scores can be improved if a higher grade is earned on the test at the end of the topic.

4 Grades 90%-100% = A 80%-89% = B 70%-79% = C 60%-69% = D 59% - 0% = F
All grades are based on this scale. 10 ?’s = 10% per question ?’s = 1% per question Grades are posted online! Visit the school’s website (or mine) to login. Login information is available by contacting the front office. I do not have access to it. The login information from last year has not changed. If you did not receive your information, are new to the district, or misplaced the information, contact the office for assistance.

5 Homework No packet will be sent home.
Unfinished class work, reading each night, writing assignments, studying, and projects. Posted on board everyday and website. Reviewed in class the next day. Should take about 60 minutes to complete. No homework = No credit After one hour, you may sign the homework and your child will receive credit. Family comes first!

6 How would I want my children treated?
Classroom Discipline How would I want my children treated?

7 Classroom Discipline Positive environment, mutual respect, communication Pyramid of Success & Team Points Life Skills are classroom rules Follow school rules Any specific behavior problems will be addressed with parents as needed

8 Testing Students are told well in advance when tests are coming.
Students are given multiple items to study that will help them on the test (notes, study guides, practice pages, thinking maps, and projects). Tests are given frequently (Every chapter – about once every week or two) Due to the budget crisis, copies of tests are shared at the grade level. Each student will not receive their own copy to take home. If you would like to see the test, please let me know and I will send you a copy to look at, review, and return. Students may use their notes on their tests! No surprises! Weekly progress reports show current grades!

9 Student/School Supplies
Binders with tabs (Organization), pencils, erasers, *paper, back packs USB 2.0 “jump drive”- Power Point presentation and Word document transfer (Home to school) Art supplies for home (Crayons, Markers, Glue Sticks, Scissors, etc…) Please look at the website for my classroom “wish list.” (All items are suggestions)

10 Website Please use the website! Access to grades, homework, web based practice, tutorials, and assistance, test prep, upcoming events, project information, daily schedule, contact information, frequently asked questions- your one stop place to shop!

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