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Welcome to Ms. McNamara’s Math & Science Classroom!

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1 Welcome to Ms. McNamara’s Math & Science Classroom!

2 General Class Information
is preferred! (7:30-7:50) and (3:00-3:30) \ SCHOOL VIEW: Please make sure you are registered – it’s an easy quick way to check your child’s grades, homework, missing work, attendance, etc. See Kate Ries in the office for a password if you don’t have one.

3 Student Handbook/Planner
*Planners are filled out every day in every class. Assignment boards are used in classrooms. *Once you have checked over your students homework and have made sure all homework is completed, please sign your child’s planner. This should be done nightly. *Once a week during Morning Meeting, planners will be checked and graded. This goes towards their first hour responsibility grade. *The planner is an excellent way to communicate with your child’s teacher.

4 MATH INFORMATION Students use their textbook and Homework Practice Book (HPW) daily. Books are large, but need to be stored in student lockers. Access to the math book from home is available. Students will likely have math homework every night, but it shouldn’t take more than minutes. (Guided work time will be given MOST days in class.) A.D.D. pages will also be a part of your child’s homework. They are worksheets that will be in your child’s folder.

5 MATH INFORMATION… Math enrichment opportunities will be available for students when appropriate. Every day students will need the following things for class: Textbook, workbooks, folder, notebook, calculator, pencils, and a correcting pen. Students will be graded on homework daily. 50% percent of their grade is tests and quizzes, and 50 percent is daily work/responsibility.

6 Math Textbooks… Textbooks will be checked out to students and they are responsible for taking care of them for the school year. GREEN textbook contracts were sent home to be signed by a parent. Lost or damaged textbooks will result in a fine at the end of the school year. The 5th grade math textbook is $$$53.95.

7 Math Resources
Each student will receive a green sheet of paper that includes their username and password. USER: missmac1 PASSWORD:

8 Science Students will be learning from our Macmillan/McGraw-Hill curriculum. We will be covering Life, Earth, and Physical Science. More hands on labs and projects will be incorporated this year as well.

9 Science… Science homework will be given daily, but is also dependent on how well your child uses their work time in class. Homework shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes or so. Most of the homework will come from their purple Reading and Writing workbook, but there will be occasional worksheets, etc. Labs will either be exempted or need to be made up after school.

10 Absences… If students know they will be gone in advance, they can see me for make-up work. It must be done upon completion within 1-2 days of being back at school. All absences should be called in to the office. Homework requests do not go through teachers – they go through the front office and are passed on to teachers. They are also picked up in the office. If students need things from their lockers (books, etc.) someone needs to pick it up for them. The school will not be able to gather those materials. Daily homework is listed on my class web page – so if a student has their books at home and wants to work on it, they may check the class page and work on it if they’re up for it.

11 Class Web Page

12 Class Web Page

13 Class Web Page

14 Class Web Page

15 5th Grade Grading Scale 99-100% A+ 94-98% A 90-93% A- 88-89% B+
0-59% F

16 School View Reminder… Gives parents the ability to go online anytime and check their student’s: Attendance Grades Homework Assignments Test Scores Schedule Report Cards & Transcripts Health Information

17 SCHOOL VIEW OVERVIEW A list of the courses your child is enrolled in will be listed. Click on “Status Report” to see a status report of all grades entered for your child in that course. Click on “All Scores” to see a detailed list of all grades entered for your child in all of their courses.

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