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2 OZSPORTS BACKGROUND ▪ Ozsports was founded back in 2009 ▪ Ozsports has a core staff of 5 of which 5 are all volunteers ▪ Ozsports reporters come from University of South Australia, journalism course ▪ Ozsports has it’s presence on the web, TV, press and radio ▪ Web – The hub of Ozsports Online Network - ▪ Fourth Quarter – Bi-monthly online and printable sports magazine ▪ Ozsports FM – Ozsports FM is an online radio show a weekly sports show and event streaming. ▪ TV – The Huddle, South Australian Gridiron show 2013/14 season on Channel 44 & Between The Posts – South Australian Aussie Rules weekly online show.

3 OZSPORTS STRUCTURE Ozsports website The Huddle Fourth Quarter Ozsports FM Between The Posts


5 OZSPORTS WEBSITE ▪ Ozsports website is the hub of all of the Ozsports activities. ▪ The website is the one stop shop for all of the forms of Ozsports media. ▪

6 THE HUDDLE The Huddle is a weekly online & TV show featuring the South Australian Gridiron Association. The Huddle is a seasonal show airs during the playing season of the South Australian Gridiron Association. Airing during October – March. The Huddle commenced airing just online and then got picked up by Community Channel 44 in Adelaide. The Huddle was a weekly show that aired twice a week on Channel 44 and online at the Ozsports website. Review of the previous weekend’s games and previews of the up and coming games inside the play dissecting parts of the game with gridiron experts.

7 BETWEEN THE POSTS Between The Posts is Ozsports Aussie Rules Footy Show featuring South Australian Football – South Australian National Football League. Between The Posts airs each week online on the Ozsports website. Between The Posts reviews the previous games and previews the coming weekends games. With weekly interviews with SANFL players.

8 FOURTH QUARTER Fourth Quarter is Ozsports bi-monthly sports magazine. Fourth Quarter covers the previous two months sports news, results and interviews and competitions. Fourth Quarter offers opportunities for journalism students to work on a real magazine and allows the students to carry out research do interviews and publish a magazine. Fourth Quarter is available as a download and as a hard copy. Fourth Quarter offers opportunities for companies individuals and organisations to become a sponsor and have an add included in each edition. Fourth Quarter editions are available through

9 OZSPORTS FM Ozsports FM or Mad Mondays as it was once known due to our two presenters leaving Ozsports to take up positions with regional South Australian Media. Mad Mondays has now changed it’s name to Ozsports FM. Ozsports FM is a weekly online sports radio show. A look at the weeks sports and conversation and debate about the hot topics in sports. Ozsports this year is also looking at opportunities to broadcast live from sporting events. The set up for a live broadcast is self contained. All we would need is access to power and two tables. For some sports we would need two confident presenters to be commentators who know the sport and preferably the teams but teams sheets would be good to. Ozsports FM - Episode

10 OZSPORTS PRODUCTIONS – LIVE EVENT STREAMING – AUDIO & VISUAL LIVE STREAMING OF ADELAIDE ADRENALINE ICE HOCKEY GAME. Ozsports offers sporting organisations the opportunity to have their competition streamed live by our professional film crews. Live events are streamed through Ozsports Productions is all equipped to supply a professional production of your sporting competition. For some sports we may ask for the organisation to supply at least two people who feel confident and can give a non biased commentary of the competition. We also need access to power and two tables. And a small amount to just help cover the use of the internet – negotiable.

11 Where Sports Come To Play OZSPORTS ONLINE NETWORK - - +61411983050 - @ozsportsonline - ozsports.onlinesports


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