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Phoenix Weekly A leading magazine in the Chinese community March, 2012.

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1 Phoenix Weekly A leading magazine in the Chinese community March, 2012

2 Background Phoenix Weekly, a comprehensive publication launched in 2000 and is published by Phoenix Satellite TV, with permission for distribution in mainland China and overseas. Editorial covers finance, political events, current affairs, social issues, culture and individual profiles. Issued on the 5 th, 15 th and 25 th of every month.

3 Distribution Hotels : distributed in top-rated hotels in the major cities of China In-flight: distributed in airlines, e.g. Dragonair Free Periodicals: complimentary copies are delivered regularly to the leaders of local governments, corporations and tertiary institutions Retail Sales/Subscription (Mainland China): apart from self-distribution and the cooperation with some provincial post offices and supermarkets throughout the country, Phoenix Weekly has its own team to deliver the magazine directly to the readers Retail Sales/Subscription (Overseas): overseas distribution including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Canada and United States

4 Distribution Hotels:

5 Viewers Profile Male skewed Mature age group (24-55) Well-educated High income Government officials, professionals, company managers and oversea educated elites Source: Phoenix Weekly

6 Source: Phoenix Weekly 2011

7 Advertising Opportunities in Phoenix Weekly Ad Insertion Advertorial Editorial Special supplement Contest Front Art Cover Belly-band Others (discretionary)

8 Editorial on Phoenix Weekly 2 ROP Full-page regular print-ads 215mm(W) X 275mm (H) 1 ROP Full-page Editorial Feature Ernest Borel was the official watch sponsor of Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant for 3 consecutive years. Detailed feature on Phoenix Weekly to maximize its product exposure.

9 Major Advertisers Mercedes Benz Volkswagen

10 Major Advertisers Mao Tai Jiu Broad Air Conditioning

11 One-Stop Integrated Marketing Opportunities Phoenix Weekly Phoenix Multimedia Platform Phoenix New Media Phoenix Chinese Phoenix Ad Information On-air In-printOn-line Phoenix InfoNews Phoenix Movies Phoenix N.A. Chinese Phoenix CNE Phoenix HK Phoenix U Radio Digital Audio Broadcasting

12 Thank You

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