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Online video workshop Damien Maher, MD Newcast. Online video workshop: outcomes.

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1 Online video workshop Damien Maher, MD Newcast

2 Online video workshop: outcomes

3 About Newcast Website video production Home page welcome CEO updates Company promos Customer testimonialsExplainers Product reviews

4 About Newcast Video production studio design & video training

5 The Stats

6 Rapid Growth in Online Video Online video is the fastest growing segment of internet usage Online video will account for 91% of global consumer internet traffic by 2014 The global online video audience is now greater than 1 billion 89 million people in the US watch 1.2 billion videos every day

7 Video consumption 52% of consumers say watching a video on a product makes them more confident with a purchase decision. Cisco predicts that in the year 2014, video will be 90% of all consumer traffic. YouTube is the 2 nd largest search engine after Google. Video on YouTube increases your SEO by 50% Posting videos on social media sites enables a global audience to find your business. Video is a rich, dynamic and engaging medium which makes your website look professional.

8 The end of TV? Broadcast TV vs. Online Video Broadcast TV vs. Online Video

9 Mobile devices are accelerating video uptake

10 How does video work?

11 Video is data

12 Todays video standard

13 Understanding Codecs

14 HD Video screen sizes

15 How does online video work?

16 Understanding compression for upload & download

17 Video over… Must compress video Slow download/upload speeds Unstable network Competing with other services Full HD 1080 Fast download/upload speeds Stable network Bandwidth for all! CopperFibre

18 How can your business can use video?

19 5 reasons why business should use video 1.Video Can Be Syndicated (shared) and increase your online presence 2.Video Establishes Your Personality 3.Video Differentiates You From The Competition 4.A Picture IS Worth A Thousand Words 5.Video Works Better On Mobile Devices Than Text

20 What stops businesses making video? Tech—slow upload/download speeds Time poor– how many hours/days does it take to produce content? Expensive production costs—$$$? Misunderstanding of video content—what do customers want to see? Lack of expertise—how do I get it out there? Accessibility—does my video play on all devices and browsers?

21 Getting started Video ideas Watching competitors Establish marketing use THEN DIY or find a pro? Where to start? Resources

22 Go pro or DYI? What you need to do? What are the costs? Online resources What are the costs? What do I get? Apples and apples— shop around DIY Going Pro

23 Video examples from DIY to Pro

24 DIY—what you will need

25 1.Use a tripod 2.Think about sound 3.Produce creative shots 4.Avoid panning and zooming 5.Use the sun when outdoors 6.Use lighting when possible 7.Compose creative interviews 8.Add a background 9.Keep it simple 10.Keep it short Video tips

26 Good video versus bad video GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTION - steady camera, adequate lighting and clear sound. GoodGood KEEP IT BRIEF- Watching video on a computer requires more concentration. Video should around 1:30, the same as a TV news story Brief Brief LEAVE IT TO THE PROS-Keep it simple, don't try and be something your not BADBAD VIRAL-so bad its good WHOA!WHOA! OR 30 million views in 6 days30 million views in 6 days

27 Video campaign Examples

28 Where to start? Video ideas About Us—put a face to a name Products—show what you offer and how it works Reviews—preview services for others How to’s—people love to learn! FAQs—answer these personally Testimonials—people trust others Peer interviews—ask for others opinion Case studies—your products and services in action Events—film your event Virtual tours—let people inside your business

29 Creating steps for the customer journey

30 Awareness: create conversations Create content that people talk about: try to entertain and involve

31 Consideration: help clients to understand Trustworthy source: Be sure your videos are helpful and never biased

32 Preference: Client testimonials Testimonials: customers and clients tend to trust testimonials like they would advice from family and friends.

33 Purchase: helping the buyer to buy Over the line: Show buyers what your product does

34 Loyalty: connect with your clients Brand ambassadors: Give clients a reason to come back, talk to them!

35 More information Online search Ebooks Tutorials Courses

36 Contacting Damien @ Newcast @newcaststudios 0429839991

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