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So you want to Work in Radio? Dick Stone Programme Director, 96-106 Capital FM.

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2 So you want to Work in Radio? Dick Stone Programme Director, 96-106 Capital FM


4 Capital FM We used to be Trent, Ram and Leicester Sound. Number one radio station in the East Midlands with 568,000 listeners per week. Cover the East Midlands, over 2 million population. As a network, Capital brings Hit Music and great content and contests for people in touch with NOW…

5 You might have seen our TV ad

6 Global Radio Capital FM Heart FM Classic FM LBC Choice XFM Gold The UK’s largest Commercial Radio company Also Global Talent Global Publishing Global Charities

7 What does a Programme Director do? I’m responsible for everything that comes out of the speaker I hire, fire and coach the presenters I organise where and when our brand is seen (along with the Marketing Manager) I protect the brand, and approve arrangements with Sponsorship and promotions I listen ALL THE TIME- the radio is always on in my office, even during meetings I liaise with my Boss, (Group Regional Programme Director) and other Programmers across the Capital network. I update online, plan and design content for the station for the future I’m responsible for all compliance (Ofcom) I’m involved in all association we have- ie, the Capital FM Arena- attending meetings etc I listen to a lot of demo tapes from prospective presenters

8 Other Job Roles in Capital- for example Presenter Producer Journalist News Editor Marketing Manager Crew Chief Street Stars Team Member


10 A reality check Positions in RADIO are in short supply. Competition for those positions is high.

11 Qualifications Journalist- Degree in Broadcast Journalism News Editor- Degree in Broadcast Journalism and management experience Marketing- A qualification in marketing of some form, or lots of experience in marketing roles. Producer- Experience and Demos Presenter- Experience and Demos Street Star member (Promotional Staff)- availability, clean driving licence and personality

12 Qualifications Back up plan Experience- particularly if you go onto Further Education Student Radio- Now considered one of the best routes into professional radio.

13 Broaden your base How many strings in your bow? Darren Fletcher and Iain Carter Two different routes

14 Determination Small number of jobs Large number of candidates Flexibility and willingness to learn

15 Presenters Competition here is very tough I’m looking for great talent In control of a multi million pound organisation Experience is king (hospital and student radio, community radio) Work experience (Over 16) Demo

16 My Advice Have a back up plan. Get all the education you can. Student Radio. It can be your training ground. Get to know people in radio- often it’s who you know not what you know which can get you in the door. Show determination, but stop short of being a pain. Be willing to learn, and be willing to listen. Be a student of media, study what is happening in the media world and keep up to date on latest events. If you have a talent- get some training- have a coach.

17 Questions Thanks for your attention

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