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1 Gordon

2 The Roadmap Construction Crew
Sharon Dillard – VP Nursing, OUMC Edmond Gordon Heiselbetz – VP Support Services Krystal Murer – Perioperative Services Process Improvement Analyst Kim Corcoran – Coordinator, Nursing Administration Jennifer McAlister – Manager, Ortho/Neuro, OUMC Erin Ogee – Director, Procedural Services, Dialysis, MICU, ICU West Deb Mordecai – VP Adult Services, OUMC Eric Ferguson – Manager, Creative Services Cathy Pierce – VP Pediatric and Women’s Services, TCH Toni Steele – VP Patient Access and Nursing Administration Julie Fanselau – Director, Respiratory Care and Sleep Lab, OUMC and TCH Mitsy Martin-Davis – Director, Rehab Services, OUMC and TCH Connie Gargano – Director, Cardiovascular Services, OUMC Kendal Pinkston – VP Operations, TCH Gordon

3 This Afternoon’s Focus
Launch the concept of the No Pass Zone Kickoff of the No Pass Zone campaign Introduce the No Pass Zone tools for implementation Review Linkage Grid and Next Steps Have fun! Gordon

4 Introduction At OU Medicine, it’s everyone’s job to assist our patients, their families, our visitors and each other. As with all best-practice patient-centered care organizations, OU Medicine is dedicated to providing EXCEL-lent care, ALWAYS! Gordon

5 Introduction We Will improve our patients’ experience by responding quickly & effectively to their needs We Will accomplish this by creating an environment of CARING & RESPONSIVENESS using a NO PASS ZONE! Together WE Will make a difference! Gordon – Before we launch into the video, OUMS leaders will come back after you pick up your lunch, but we invite all leaders to join us for the implementation portion because the success of this program is dependent on the entire enterprise.

6 No Pass Zone Rap Gordon

7 Grab your lunch and join us for the construction of our No Pass Zone

8 No Pass Zone They Are OUR REASON For Being Here!
The No Pass Zone Emphasizes that Patients and Visitors Are Not An Interruption of Our Work They Are OUR REASON For Being Here! Cathy When you are walking down the hall, are YOU always picking up trash? Are YOU always looking up, or are you texting? People might consider that they are already doing this, but our HCAPS are not showing it. Observe your staff, coach your staff. We can do better.

9 The Why - HCAHPS During this hospital stay, after you pressed the call button, how often did you get help as soon as you wanted it? Cathy

10 The Why - HCAHPS During this hospital stay, how often were your room and bathroom kept clean? Cathy

11 The Why - HCAHPS During this hospital stay, how often was the area around your room quiet at night? Cathy

12 The Why - HCAHPS During your hospital stay, how often did you get the help in getting to the bathroom or in using a bedpan as soon as you wanted? Cathy

13 What is “The No Pass Zone”?
OU Medicine Employees are EXPECTED to NEVER PASS: Call Lights 10 / 5 Rule Opportunities Way Finding Opportunities Trash & Clutter Hand Washing Opportunities Julie During the video that was played before lunch, you got a snapshot of different scenarios that represent the No Pass Zone. The construction crew has determined that the no pass zone is our first tactic that we can all do together that will make a difference in our Excel initiatives. There are four key areas that we have identified to implement that will help us obtain an impact. We will NEVER pass up these opportunities.

14 Julie

15 Julie

16 Julie

17 Julie

18 Julie

19 No Pass Zone Includes EVERY OU Medicine employee
It requires YOU to respond to patients or visitors in need If you are unable to help the patient or visitor, YOU will find someone who can help them EVERY Employee, EVERY Patient/Visitor, EVERYwhere, EVERY Time! Julie

20 Julie

21 Whenever You See A Call Light, follow this simple rule:
N – Never pass them by O – Observe patient privacy P – Provide what they are asking for, OR A – Access someone who can S – Safety First, never put patients at risk S – Smile & use AIDET Mitsy Request “We Won’t Pass You By” song clip to play here.

22 Route To Success What To Do When Non-Nursing Team Members Respond To a Patient Call Light Don’t pass up the opportunity! Use AIDET, evaluate patient request and respond accordingly. Don’t pass up the opportunity! Use AIDET, evaluate patient request. Use Patient Communication Board to identify nurse’s phone number and call nurse directly. Turn call light off by pressing cancel button on call light console. Ask patient if there is anything else you can do for them, “I have the time.” If Nurse is not available Mitsy Green = Non nursing personnel – able to respond Blue = non nursing personnel – not able to fulfill the request Look for HUC or other nursing unit staff Communicate specific duration and person that will assist to the patient. Ask patient if there is anything else you can do for them, “I have the time.”

23 What Everyone CAN Do If you see a call light on, you CAN do the following for a patient: Reposition call light, telephone, bedside table, chairs, trash can, tissues or other personal items within reach. Assist with making phone calls or answering the telephone. Change TV channels or turn the TV on or off. Turn lights on or off. Obtain personal items such as blanket, pillow, towel, washcloth, slippers, and toiletries. Obtain other items such as pens, pencils, books, magazines, etc. Open and/or close privacy curtains. Reduce clutter. If entering an isolation room, follow proper PPE requirements. Mitsy

24 Non-Clinical Staff CANNOT
Only Nursing Staff Can: Manage an IV and/or infusion pump Offer pain relief Remove meal trays or water pitchers Assist patients with eating and drinking Physically assist a patient Turn off any alarms Explain clinical matters/treatments as appropriate to your discipline Raise or lower a patient bed Please remember to use key words if you CANNOT assist. Let me find the appropriate person to help you. I will let you know how long it will take. Mitsy

25 Key Words Hello, my name is (name), from the (department). I noticed that your call light is on. Is there something that I can help you with? If you can: Yes, I can help you with that. If you cannot: Let me find the appropriate person to help you. I will let you know how long it will take. Remember to ask before leaving: Is there anything else I can do for you? I have the time. Mitsy

26 Kim

27 10 / 5 Rule At ten feet, acknowledge by making eye contact and smiling
At five feet, greet with a Hi, Hello, Good Morning, etc Go the extra mile and help with directions. If someone appears lost, stop and ask Can I help you? If they do need help, escort them to their location to within two directional steps, or find someone who can. Kim

28 Kendal

29 Trash and Clutter If you see it, pick it up and throw it away.
In patient rooms, Outside, In Stairwells, Hallways Be aware of equipment (if it is not in use, move to appropriate storage) Avoid clutter from overstocked supplies Kendal Emphasize that there will be staff not comfortable addressing all of these

30 Kendal

31 Kendal

32 Julie

33 Hand Washing In front of the patient, every time
Before and after each patient encounter Use key words For your safety, To prevent infection, Hold each other accountable Jennifer

34 Shhhh Keep It Down! Jennifer

35 Quiet Departments We aim to provide an environment conducive to healing and recovery Be aware of the noise you create during your daily work – day and night Keep each other accountable Jennifer

36 Resources / Communicate to Staff
Route to Success No Pass Zone Video No Pass Zone Newsletter No Pass Zone Roadmap No Pass Zone Campaign Tools Translating Caring Theory Into Practice: The Carolina Care Model Sharon

37 Open Discussion Anticipated outcomes Perceived or identified boulders
How can we support you Sharon Encourage leaders to think about what it will look like in their department

38 Linkage Grid and Next Steps

39 Questions?

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