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Welcome to Technology!. Supply List A good attitude! Pencil/pen and paper.

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1 Welcome to Technology!

2 Supply List A good attitude! Pencil/pen and paper

3 Expectations The three R’s are followed here. Be Ready, Responsible, and Respectful I expect your best effort every day! Keep your work area clean and neat. Put trash in the trashcan. Do not eat or drink in this computer lab! Absolutely no gum, candy, snacks, or drinks are allowed! Only be on approved or assigned websites. Do not download anything without my consent. Profanity absolutely will not be tolerated!

4 BE READY! Come in my door ready to listen and work! Turn your computer on when you sit down if necessary to give it time to start up. Be logged in and ready during the first three minutes of class. Put your backpack on the back of your chair and keep your belongings out of the walkways in the classroom.

5 BE RESPONSIBLE Know when projects are due. Know how they will be graded. If you don’t understand, ASK! I’m here to help you, and we will work together to make sure you know what to do. Keep your hands and your materials to yourself. Know and follow the Code of Conduct and behavior rules for this school and this classroom.

6 BE RESPECTFUL If you have a question, raise your hand and wait for your name to be called. I do not answer callouts. If you have a problem (with your computer or with someone else), raise your hand and wait for your name to be called. Do not yell in my classroom. Wait your turn to speak.

7 What You Can Expect From Me You can expect to be treated fairly. You can expect to learn. You can expect to have some fun!

8 Classroom Procedures Entering the classroom Line up in the hallway before class at a Level 0. Be quiet and form a straight line. Enter my classroom at a LEVEL 0. Keep all extra materials (backpacks, coats, books, etc) out of walkways. Keep backpacks and items OFF the a/c units in the classroom. Leaving the Classroom I will give you time at the end of class to log out and close out your computers. Do not do so until I tell everyone to “log out”. Push your chairs in before you leave your area!

9 Classroom Procedures & Safety Sit in your assigned seat. If your computer has a problem, and you need to be moved, I will move you. Do not move yourself without permission. Keep hands and fingers away from electrical cords and outlets. Do not attempt to repair equipment. If it stops working, raise your hand! Do not throw ANYTHING in this classroom.

10 Unless you have a medical emergency, do not ask to see the nurse during class. We have about 2 minutes of time in the hallway as we line up. That is the time to use the restroom. DO NOT ask to use the restroom once class has started. NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE COMPUTER LAB.

11 This class is project-based. THERE ARE NO RETAKES ON PROJECTS. Some of the topics outlined in our curriculum are as follows: Consumer Decisions Financial Literacy Career Awareness, Exploration, & Planning Employability Skills Communication/Technology We will use Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint as well as online educational programs and textbooks. We use the internet daily, so you MUST have your AUP form signed and turned in! You cannot pass this class without that form! Information, Communication & Productivity Safety & Ethical Issues Research, Inquiry, and Problem Solving

12 Cell Phones and Electronics If you bring a cell phone, iPod or other electronic device in my classroom, don’t have it out during class. If you have it out during class, I will take it until class is over. Keep everything on silent!! If it is a recurring problem, I will send you to the office and make a parent call.

13 Fun Fridays If the class as a whole works hard during the week, we will have “Fun Fridays”. We will listen to music on occasion (I will choose it). I like to reward good behavior and hard work!

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