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Kayla Bohn, Mackenzie Blocker, Stephanie Diluca, Josh Sanders and Eric Fallon.

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1 Kayla Bohn, Mackenzie Blocker, Stephanie Diluca, Josh Sanders and Eric Fallon

2 Background Narrative Juan Guy, an 18 year old junior at Eastern High School, was mostly known for his nickname “Lucky”. Juan had earlier been suspended for 10 days for fighting and for being in possession of Oxycotin without a prescription. On March 13th he told his mother that he was staying after school to do some make up work with some teachers. His mother came to pick him up at 4:00pm but he curiously never showed up. At 4:30pm she went inside the school and asked Mr. Goodall to help look for him. Juan never showed up. Juan’s mother decided that he was probably “running in the streets” again so she went home and left for work at 8:30pm. When she came home at 5:45am on Thursday March 14th, Juan was still nowhere to be found. Back at Eastern High School around 6:30am, Mr. Whalen, a custodian, entered the 4th floor stairwell and found Juan Guy in a pool of blood. He immediately dialed 911 and emergency crew arrived at 6:45am and took Juan to university hospital where they pronounced him Dead on Arrival

3 Evidence Log A. Footprint D. Footprint E. Blood F. Body I. Three hole punch with blood L. Handprint M. Blood drop N. Blood drop O. Foot print P. Shopping list R. Foot print S. Film hold T. Dollar bill U. Blood splatter W. Blood drop Y. Blood splatter






9 Theory In the afternoon of March 13th, Mr. Cox was packing up his things after finishing up a couple last minute duties after school had when he noticed Juan Guy walk past his classroom. He gathered his belongings and got out of his room just in time to see Juan go into the 4th floor stairwell, an off-limits place to students. Mr. Cox hurried after him into the stairwell and up to the landing, confronting him about where the Oxycotin was that Juan was supposed to supply him with. After an intensely hostile discussion, Mr. Cox pushed Juan down onto the ground, frustrated with the empty drug deal. His anger and irritation took control of him, and Mr. Cox pulled his three hole punch from his bag and began hitting Juan on the back of his head until he was unconscious. Mr. Cox, satisfied from finally getting rid off his rage, jokingly pulled out a dollar from his pocket and threw it on top of Juan’s still body, scoffing that it was the last dollar he would put towards buying drugs from an unreliable source of a student

10 Theory Continued  Once Mr. Cox had caught his breath, however, he began noticing that not only was Juan unconscious, but he was also not breathing. Panic arose in Mr. Cox, realizing what he had just done. He threw the three hole punch behind the metal gate by Juan’s body, wanting to be far away from it. Backing up from the lifeless body, Mr. Cox ran down the stairs in a frenzy, touching the walls for support. Right before he got to the door to the third floor, however, he heard footsteps of another teacher coming around the corner. Mr. Cox ran back up the stairs, not wanting to be seen, past Juan’s body and up to the roof door, which was locked. Knowing he had little time, Mr. Cox began kicking the door knob, breaking the hinge and causing it to open, then fleeing the scene from the roof, where he found a ladder on the other side of the building.

11 Conclusion  Mr. Cox had been relying on Juan Guy for his very reasonably priced supply of Oxycotin for many months. Recently, however, Juan was very sloppy with the drug deals, often times showing up late at the meeting spot or altogether not having anything for Mr. Cox. This irritation, combined with the worry and stress that came from hiding this secret relationship, was causing Mr. Cow serious emotional issues. When he saw Juan go into the 4th floor stairwell on March 13th, he felt more than just his usual anger and knew he had to talk to him. He went to confront him about where he had been for their last planned rendezvous, at which Juan never showed up. Juan told him that he didn’t have any Oxycotin, but that he had planned to get more later that day. Already fed up with Juan, Mr. Cox didn’t listen to the excuses and instead took out his frustration physically. Once he began hitting Juan, Mr. Cox could not bring himself to stop- it was the perfect outlet for getting rid of the suffocating emotions he had been feeling for a while now- and it unfortunately caused enough brain trauma and blood loss to kill Juan within minutes.

12 Conclusion Continued  Mr.Cox’s fingerprints, shoeprints and a grocery list with his confirmed handwriting on it–which we suspect fell out of his pocket when he pulled out the dollar bill–place Mr. Cox at the scene of the murder. Combined with the fact that upon questioning he admitted to having a new three hole punch because he “did not know where his old one was” and the fact that he did not mention having a prescription or taking Oxycotin until we confronted him with his positive test results (after which he uncomfortably claimed that he had merely forgotten about using the drug), it is with unwavering certainty that we charge Mr. Cox with 2nd degree murder of Juan Guy. This killing was a crime of passion, not premeditated, and therefore does not fall under the conditions of first degree murder. Mr. Thompson is also involved, as he possibly put pressure on Cox to commit the crime, as Mr. Cox was his dealer. Mr. Thompson tested positive for oxycotin and had no explanation. Therefore he is being charged with possession of an illegal narcotic on school grounds.

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