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My predictions for inanimate Alice Ep.4 By: Sydney Taing.

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1 My predictions for inanimate Alice Ep.4 By: Sydney Taing

2 My name is Alice. I am sixteen years old.

3 Father: My father hasn’t been home for awhile. It has been about 2 days since I’ve seen him. My mother Ming says not to be worried and that he will be home soon enough. I worry for him to be home soon.

4 Waiting: Were finally back in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in our home town. I have been waiting day after day watching the snow fall still wonder where my father has been (it really helps with boredom). I worry to my mom if she knows where he is. Everyday people knock on the door, but we still don’t answer it. I wonder where he is.

5 Call: A random call comes in, the middle of the night. I answered the phone. It was a mans voice asking for ransom. I quickly gave the phone to my mother in shock. While she was talking to the man and grabbing the 3000 dollars, I quickly think to myself I should go hide in the closet since my parents usually tell me to hide…

6 Realization: After the call I have been thinking to myself, something isn’t right. -First, of all my dad is always gone. -Second, were always moving somewhere new. -Third, someone’s always banging at the door or calling looking for my dad. -Fourth, my parents never tell me what going on. I think my dad is in a gang

7 Interrogation: My mother had left the house to do some errands while she told me not to answer the door or the phone. The phone rang but I decided to answer the phone with all the thinking I have been doing. I picked it up and the same man phoned asking for more money. I said “Who is this?” trying to sound tough. He responded with “Mike Burns, what’s it to you?” and also said “Do you want John or not? Give me the 3000 dollars and you’ll get him back. I’m at the 107 street in the warehouse on the corner of the street. BRING THE MONEY OR WILL HURT HIM BY TONIGHT!!! ” I quickly write down the directions and head out.

8 Hustle: I grabbed the bag of money. I ran and ran until I came upon the street 107. I read the piece of paper with the instructions on it and do exactly what it has written on it. I walk until I see the warehouse on the corner of the block. The warehouse was rusted, beaten, broken, cracked, crumbling apart, and vandalized. I walk up to the door and put down the bag of money then rang the door bell and hide be hide the large garbage can and waited. A large, tall, toilet head, jewelry wearing Italian man came out with two other people. The two henchmen grabbed the money while the boss went back in.

9 Inside: I made a stupid decision and yelled “Where’s my father?!?!?!?” The three guys looked up and the toilet head said “ Aye who’s there? Come out her and confront me, yaw coward.” I went around the large garbage can and said “Give my father!!!” He looked at me strangely and said “You think you can beat me think again.” They grabbed me while I was screaming bloody murder for help. I could her my father in the background saying calm down Alice we’ll be fine. The two guys strapped me up in a chair with very think ropes. Tears dripping down my face thinking what I could do, a hopeless sixteen year old girl.


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