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The Kidnapper Brianna Brianna Greg Greg Cole Cole Click here to begin your adventure.

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1 The Kidnapper Brianna Brianna Greg Greg Cole Cole Click here to begin your adventure

2 You watched her as she walked through the park next to our house just like any other 7 year old girl. Your friend showed up to pick you up to go to his house and thats the moment you forgot that you were watching your sister for the hour but it was almost over. Your mom and dad were down stairs planning for your birthday. You hope nothing will happen to her while you are gone. Your mom and dad were coming upstairs… You can choose to tell your friend to turn around and you will come over later. You can worry about it later and go to your friends house

3 You are glad that you choose to turn around because you are worried about your sister. You get home and go to the park to get your sister for lunch. You search and search but she is no where to be found what will you do. You cant tell your parents they will ground you forever but you need there help but they are to busy. Suddenly you see a man with a creepy clown mask on strangely watching you and then staring at his backseat like he wants you to get in his car with him but you wont because your mom says never talk to strangers let alone get in there car with them. You try to ignore him but his eyes are glued to you as you walk throughout the park. You get scared as the stranger gets out of the car and starts to walk toward you. When he walks up to you he says... I know where your sister is follow me and ill show you You choose to follow the strange man into the woods You choose to run away as fast as you can back to your house

4 You go to your friends house and play for a while. After an hour or so you call home to check on your sister but no one answers the phone so you take your friend and go look for your sister in the park since he doesnt live far away. You follow some foot prints in the mud at the park. It was raining, hard so we had to stop at my house to get umbrellas while your walking you see a man sitting on the curb. The tracks that you found earlier lead to him. He asks you if you need help you say yes. So he asks what you need help with. You say I need to find my 7 year old sister. I might know where she is. He leads us down the road. I think I saw her in the store a few minutes ago. You can go with the man into the store You can say well never mind Ill check at home

5 Click here to continue. You follow the strange man into the woods. Shivers run down your spine and lots of thoughts go all through your head. You start to regret going with him, and you remember those thoughts of when your mom said now honey never talk to strangers they can be even ever get home. You and the stranger walk and walk until it seems like youve been walking forever. He leads you to an old house in the middle of no where. It was very old with plants, weeds, and bugs all along the rugged side of the house. It looked like it had been hit by an earthquake, or had been an old witchs house.

6 Click here to continue. When you walk in the house the first thing that you noticed was a scream in the back room that said come here fast save me you noticed right that second it was your sister. The stranger was out side, he said that that he was getting something. You search all throughout the small house and you find her. You untie her and bring her out of the cage. In the back of the room there is a window. Shes not that hurt because shes only been there an hour or so. The window is locked shut but from exploring the house for a minute you know that there is a back door so you carry her to it.

7 The minute that you try to get it open the stranger was right behind you. You run as fast as you can through the empty forest. The man doesnt follow. You see the park, your moms car in the drive way, your house suddenly you feel safe. You get in the house no parents in sight. The first thing you do is call 911. They call back with the reports hes arrested and you won 100,000 for catching the worlds most wanted criminal.

8 The man really creped you out so you ran and ran till you got dizzy. You ran so far that you realized that you werent in your neighborhood anymore you were in the middle of town with cars going by you every second. You turn around and head back home but phoenix was very hard and difficult to find were you were going. When you finally got home it was an hour later and you were getting bored. So you decided to listen to the scanner like you always do when you give up with something. As you listen for a while you hear we just arrived at this crime seen a few minutes ago on this murder of this girl that looks very young like 6 or 7 years old. Click here to continue.

9 You go to the crime seen and right when you get there you tell them that you might know who it was. When you walk in you see your sister …… dead on the floor. You start crying and run home to tell your parents. They were down stairs as usual when you told them they fell to the floor crying to. You lived the rest of your life bored alone in your room and flashbacks rush through your head of your sister. You think that it was your fault you didnt stay when you were supposing to. The rest of you life you lived in complete guilt.

10 You and your friend decide to follow the man into the store. There were shoppers everywhere. You had to stay close to the man you had no luck finding your little sister. So you leave the man there. You and your sister have a clubhouse in the woods behind the park. You see her on the ground dead with major wounds. There are footprints leading to a tree you feel a water drops from a tree branch. You look up and scream he falls. You get mad and start to kick him while hes lying down. He gets up and groans in pain. You run to your house your friend not far behind. You go inside and lock the doors. Looking out the window hes running down the street. You yell for your parents they come running. You tell them your sister was murdered. They called the cops as the murderer was knocking on the door. You here police sirens in the distance. They quickly arrest him you thank them and show them the body.

11 You tell the man its getting late and you need to go home. The man has a dark face. You and your friend walk home. When you get to his house the phone rings. You answer it. Its your mom and dad. Wheres your sister young man. I dont know. Silence. Where are you? At Jacks house. I am coming to get you. She hangs up. In five minutes she picks you up. When you get home she says, We called the cops. She was cut off by a knock on the door. We found your kid. She was at her friend Stacys house she waited for you guys to get her there. Your mom went to pick her up and the cops left. When you were all safely at the house your mom told you were being sent to boot camp for leaving your sister at the park. After going to boot camp you realized that you actually loved your sister more than you thought after almost losing her

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