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Modals + Present Perfect Sample Situations. Sample Situation 1.

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1 Modals + Present Perfect Sample Situations

2 Sample Situation 1

3 Situation: Jack went to a nightclub with some friends. One of the friends drank too much. Jack knew he was too drunk to drive. He tried to stop him. The friend got angry with Jack and started swearing at Jack and threatening Jack.

4 Reaction: So Jack let him go home. On the way home the friend got into an accident and killed somebody. The police are blaming Jack as well as the friend. Do you think Jack should have done that? What would you have done?

5 Sample Situation 2

6 Situation: Saras neighbors kept parking their car in her parking spot. This has been going on for about a month. She came home after a hard day at work one day and saw their car in her spot.

7 Reaction: She lost it! She took a brick from the side of the road and smashed the window. Unfortunately, the whole thing was filmed by a security camera. What could she have done instead? What would you have done?

8 Sample Situation 3

9 Situation: Danny saw somebody running away from the police. The person threw a package into the bushes. Danny went and found the package and looked inside. It was filled with drugs.

10 Reaction: Danny decided to keep it. Unfortunately, he got stopped by the police and they accused him of selling drugs. What would you have done in that situation?

11 Sample Situation 4

12 Situation: Brenda was walking down the street one day and saw her boyfriend walking with another woman.

13 Reaction: She walked away without saying anything before he saw her. She sent a text breaking up with him. Would you have done that in that situation? What should she have done?

14 Sample Situation 5

15 Situation: Dans boss keeps asking him out to have a drink after work. One night she asked him if he wanted to come back to her house for a drink.

16 Reaction: He felt it wasnt right because he has a girlfriend so he said he no. The next day, he quit his job. What else could he have done? What would you have done?

17 Sample Situation 6

18 Situation: Tim was taking Fiona out on date. When he arrived at her house she wasnt ready. She asked him to wait while she quickly took a shower. When she was in the shower, he noticed her laptop was on and her was open. He saw an from her ex-boyfriend. The ex- boyfriend said that he still loved her.

19 Reaction: Tim was furious. When Fiona came downstairs he asked her why the boyfriend was sending her these kinds of s. She got angry because he looked at her and broke up with him right there and then. What would you have done?

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