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Trick or Doom Will this be their last treat? By: Matthew Blake and Jacob Drury.

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2 Trick or Doom Will this be their last treat? By: Matthew Blake and Jacob Drury

3 Run away screaming Once upon a time there was a group of four children. One was dressed as a hot dog, another as Superman. The third was a pumpkin,and the last was a Knight. They had been trick-or-treating all night and had covered every house in the neighborhood except one, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis Manor. Rumor has it that the master was murdered in that house and it has been abandoned ever since. The friends decided to go check it out. They still had one hour until they were expected at home. They walked to the front door of the house. It was huge. They rung the doorbell and a melancholy echo is heard inside the building. Suddenly the door creaks open. An eerie voice says: “Come In.” they should: Enter the house

4 Just as they walk in, the door slams shut behind them. They hear the sound of feet coming down the stairs. They tried the door, but it was locked. They should: Stay Put Find somewhere to hide

5 They ran down the sidewalk as fast as they could, but not fast enough. Right before they got to the front gates, a trapdoor opened and they fell into the never ending darkness.

6 Hoping to get tons of candy from the rich owner, the children held up their bags yelling, “Trick or Treat!”. Then the footsteps stopped. They heard the loud sound of laughter.

7 Suddenly they felt a hand grab them and they were carried deeper into the dark depths of the mansion. All that was ever found of them were four bags filled with stale candy.

8 They quickly chose a corridor and tried to find a room to hide in. There are two doors, one leads to the kitchen, the other is a closet. Go to kitchenGo to closet

9 They all piled into the closet. They then felt something brush against them. There was a scream and one child was gone. They heard another. The other two rushed out of the closet straight into the body the figure. “Welcome to my Manor.” he said with a knife in his hand.

10 They see an open window and they all climb out. Just as they all climb out, the door bursts open. The figure is wore a suit and was holding a knife. The figure’s head was not human, it looked like a science experiment gone wrong. “Don’t you children want your candy?” the figure said. He started running towards the window. The children took off also. They thought that someone would see them being chased by the figure, but when the street came in sight, there was no one to be found.

11 They find a tree that was tall enough to keep them out of reach from the figure. Just as the last child was about to climb up, a hand grabbed his ankle. The child was very close to his friends, could he be saved?

12 The figure pulled the child off the tree. “This should make a lovely appetizer.” The figure said. He started laughing his deep menacing laugh. But the laughter stopped. The figure started dissolving into dust. The children noticed that the sun was rising. How long had they been in there? The figure dropped the child and yelled, “I’ll be back!” and the rest of his body disappeared.

13 Shocked at what they had just witnessed, the children ran to their houses. They were welcomed by the scolding of their parents. Looks like they won’t be trick-or-treating next year.

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