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Angela Shotts The Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP)

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1 Angela Shotts The Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP)

2  152 Rose Administration Building  Box 870104  205 348 5152

3  Demystify the funding process.  Assist in finding funding.  Review, approve, and submit proposals for the University of Alabama.  Setup all funded grants and contracts in the University’s financial system.  Submit invoices, reports, and close outs for projects

4  OSP’s policies and procedures, training information, and OSP contacts are located at  Individual OSP contacts who will help with your proposal submission.

5  Contact me (  Pivot (  Other tools (OSP homepage: Funding Opportunities) Find Funding

6  Likely Mechanisms: ◦ Federal Grants  NIH  NSF  DOE  Other Agencies (NEH,CDC, DOD, etc.) ◦ Private agencies & Foundations ◦ Industry Sponsors ◦ Clinical Trials (can be Industry or other)

7  Resources for New Faculty: People Who Can Answer Questions Proposal Development Proposal Facilitation  Tell the appropriate people in your area (Dept. Head, Associate Dean, or Departmental person you are planning to submit a proposal.  Know your funding source

8  Every funding annoucement is unique.  To Get the Ball Rolling: ◦ Program Announcement/Guidelines ◦ Application Package (Electronic) ◦ Budget ◦ Budget Justification ◦ Abstract ◦ Scope of Work ◦ Consortium/Subcontract Information

9  To Submit: ◦ A finalized and OSP approved budget ◦ Finalized documents ◦ Full Narrative ◦ If subcontracts are involved:  Signed letter of commitment from the institution  A budget approved by subcontract’s OSP office  Required documents per guidelines  Scope of Work ◦ Internal Coordination Sheet

10  Application due date  Project start and end dates  Funding mechanism (forms used)  Funding Limit (years/amount)  Modular or non-modular budget?  Do they pay salary? Limit or capped? ◦ Include fringes?  Are there caps on other categories? ◦ Supplies, equipment, contractors, travel, etc.  Do they pay indirects? Rate?  Is there a page limit?  Is there an appendix? What’s included?  Do you need letters of support and from whom?  Biosketches? PI or all collaborators?

11  Download the grant guidelines and the application forms ◦ Search ◦ CFDA Search ( ◦ NSF Search (  Each sponsor and program announcement or solicitation has a different set instructions ◦ Guidelines may vary within the different NIH Institutes


13  Key Components: ◦ Personnel:  Need to know FTE of each named person  Fringe Rates:  Faculty and Salaried Staff: 32%  Hourly Staff: 36.61%  GRA’s: annual health insurance Health Insurance and 7.7% for summer salary ◦ GRA Tuition ◦ Consultant Costs ◦ Equipment: Any single item over $5,000 ◦ Supplies: Something Tangible ◦ Travel ◦ Other Expenses: Services, per diem, etc. ◦ Consortium/Subcontract Costs ◦ F&A costs

14  Facilities and Administrative cost rates recover costs paid for utilities, lights, buildings, equipment, and administration (like OSP).  Rates: ◦ Research: 47% ◦ Service:28%  UA will NOT waive indirect costs, unless the agency specifies in its guidelines that it does not reimburse F&A or has a limited on the F&A reimbursement.


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