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Chapter 23 Kitchen Utensils and Appliances

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1 Chapter 23 Kitchen Utensils and Appliances
In this chapter, you will learn about Kitchen utensils Cookware and bakeware Small appliances Large appliances

2 Kitchen Utensils and Appliances
Objectives Identify basic kitchen utensils and pieces of cookware and bakeware and explain their uses. Describe the purposes of common kitchen appliances.

3 Words to Know utensil spatula serrated blade tongs ladle colander
cookware bakeware double boiler skillet appliance portable appliance major appliance

4 Kitchen Utensils Utensil: a hand-held, hand-powered tool used to prepare food. What is the most commonly used utensil in your kitchen?

5 Measuring Utensils Spatula: a narrow utensil used to level dry ingredients in dry measuring cups and measuring spoons.

6 Measuring Utensils Dry measuring cups: Used to measure dry ingredients such as flour or sugar.

7 Measuring Utensils Liquid measuring cups

8 Measuring Utensils measuring spoons: used to measure ingredients in smaller numbers

9 Cutting Utensils Serrated blade: a blade with a sawtooth edge.

10 Cutting Utensils Paring knife: Used for smaller foods

11 Cutting Utensils Chef’s knife: All purpose knife, used for cutting or dicing

12 Cutting Utensils cutting board: Surface to cut on

13 Cutting Utensils peeler

14 Cutting Utensils kitchen shears

15 Cutting Utensils can opener

16 Cutting Utensils grater

17 Mixing Utensils mixing bowls: To combine ingredients

18 Mixing Utensils large spoons: Used to stir

19 Mixing Utensils rubber spatulas: To stir and mix

20 Mixing Utensils pastry blenders

21 Mixing Utensils Sifters: To take the lumps out of flour

22 Mixing Utensils Rotary beaters: To mix ingredients

23 Cooking Utensils Tongs: used to turn or lift foods.

24 Cooking Utensils Ladles: large, deep spoon used to serve punches, soups, and stews.

25 Cooking Utensils kitchen fork

26 Cooking Utensils wide spatula or turner

27 Other Kitchen Utensils
Colander: a bowl with many holes used for draining liquid from foods.

28 Other Kitchen Utensils
strainer and slotted spoon

29 Other Kitchen Utensils
bottle opener

30 Other Kitchen Utensils
Rolling pin: used to flatten dough

31 Other Kitchen Utensils

32 Other Kitchen Utensils

33 Cookware and Bakeware Cookware: pots and pans used on top of the range to cook foods.

34 Cookware and Bakeware Bakeware: items that are used in an oven.

35 Cookware and Bakeware Double boiler: a small pan that fits inside a larger pan.

36 Cookware and Bakeware Skillets: pans that have wide bottoms and fairly low sides and are used mainly for frying and panbroiling foods.

37 Discuss What is the most commonly used piece of cookware in your house? From what material is this piece of cookware made?

38 Small Appliances Appliance: a piece of kitchen equipment run by gas or electricity. Portable appliances: small kitchen appliances that can be easily moved from one place to another.

39 Discuss List some small appliances you might find in a kitchen.
toasters electric skillets blenders electric mixers

40 Large Appliances Major appliances: the main cooking and food storage appliances in the kitchen, as well as dishwashers and trash compactors. Name the large appliances in your home. What appliances do you envision in the kitchen of the future?

41 Super Sleuth Who invented the first usable dishwasher?

42 Super Sleuth Answer: Josephine Cochran invented the first usable dishwasher in 1886.

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