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By Nicholas Hames. December 7 th, 1941- Japanese bomb the US Pearl Harbor fleet. This was an unexpected attack by the Japanese. Mostly every ship was.

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1 By Nicholas Hames

2 December 7 th, Japanese bomb the US Pearl Harbor fleet. This was an unexpected attack by the Japanese. Mostly every ship was either sunk or damaged badly. The US was defenseless at the attack-regarding some gunners on the ground. December 8th, Britain and the United States (allies) both together declare war on Japan. Americans and the British both prepare for battle with Japan and its allies. December 9 th, Japan invades the Philippines. Japan invaded the Philippines mainly because they needed a place to station troops. Also, the Philippines were rich in resources which could help out the Japanese a lot as well. December 11 th, Germany and Italy (allies with Japan) declare war on the United States. This digs an even deeper hole for the Americans; they now have two more countries they are at war with.

3 April 18 th, Americans attack the Japanese by air. This was called Doolittle raid (led by Colonel James Doolittle. The attack was by planes on Japan; this was America’s first aerial attack. May 4-8 th, The Battle of Coral Sea. This battle was between Japans navy and the American/Aulstralian allied navy. After the Japanese had tried to take over New Guinea, the American allied navy had defeated their naval forces. June 3-6 th, 1942-Battle of Midway Island- This was a very significant naval battle. The Japanese wanted to set up a “trap” for the American aircraft carriers to get caught in. American code breakers were able to detect the date, time, and place of the attack and get on top of the Japanese. Midway Island 

4 January 14 th, - Churchill and FDR meet secretly to discuss the Unconditional Surrender. Also, these two Allies discussed battle strategies against the Germans and the Axis Powers. January 31 st,- 17 German Generals surrender to Soviet Union Generals. May 13 th -Germans surrender in Tunisia. About 250,000 prisoners were taken away.

5 March 22-japanese invade India. The Japanese invaded and attacked India and tried to take it over from them. April 1—18 th -Soviet troops begin having some success over the Germans in Crimea. June 4-Allied Countries take control of Rome. Churchill had wanted to invade Italy. However, the Americans wanted to avoid combat contact with European countries. The plan went through to attack Italy. It was eventually occupied by the Allied Powers. June 6- D-Day. American troops arrive at the shores of France for a bloody battle; perhaps the most famous battle/day of all of WWII. This was Americas first appearance in Europe. June th - Battle of the Philippines sea. Allied Countries defeat Japanese troops. The Battle of Midway had badly damaged Japans naval fleet, but they still had a carrier bigger than America’s. America’s desire brought them to victory.


7 Battle of Philippine Sea.

8 1945 April 12 th - FDR dies. Cerebral Hemorrhage was the cause. After his death, Harry S. Truman takes his place a president of the United States. April 20 th - Americans capture Nuremberg. Americans had entered Germany. April 28 th - Mussolini had been captured by Italians and they shot him to death. Mussolini had attempted to escape the area North, but was captured and killed. May 2 nd - German forces surrender to Russian forces, due to the terms of German unconditional surrender. Two days later, German forces surrender in other multiple countries. August 5 th - America drops an Atomic bomb on Hiroshima. America had destroyed much of Hiroshima killing many people and leaving the place a deserted wasteland. America was the first country to produce, and drop an Atomic bomb. August 15 th - after years of war, Germany accepts to Allies’ terms. They have surrendered the war to the Allies.




12 WW II Quotes "I saw my enemies in Munich, and they are worms.“- Adolf Hitler, Late 1930s "The Red Army and Navy and the whole Soviet people must fight for every inch of Soviet soil, fight to the last drop of blood for our towns and villages...onwar d, to victory!" – Joseph Stalin, July 1941 "I have seen war...I hate war.“- President at the time, FDR "Singapore could only be taken after a siege by an army of at least 50,000 men. It is not considered possible that the Japanese would embark on such a mad enterprise." – Winston Churchill, 1940.

13 WW II HERO FRANCIS C. FLAHERTY On the day of the Pearl Harbor attacks, nearly all of the American ships were either sunk or badly damaged. On the U.S.S. Oklahoma, an American reserve announced to abandon ship. He stayed at the exit of the ship with a flashlight so that the remaining men on board could see the way out in the dark view. He risked his own life and could've drowned but decided to risk his life to save others.

14 MAPS This map shows the countries who were Allied and enemies. This map shows Hiroshima and Nagasaki-where the atomic bombs were dropped and areas that were affected.

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