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WWII SSUSH19. Benito Mussolini was leader of which Axis Power? Italy.

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2 Benito Mussolini was leader of which Axis Power? Italy

3 Rommel was a German Military leader with successes on which continent? Africa “Desert Fox”

4 What was the Blitzkrieg? (who was it applied to) Lighting War England/Britain

5 The invasion of Poland did what to the world? Start of WWII

6 Midway (battle) was considered the ________ of the war with Japan. Turning Point (Pacific Theater)

7 Admiral Nimitz was the leader of what force in the American Military? Navy

8 Hirohito was the leader of what forces during WWII? Japan

9 Pacific and European were ______________ of World War II. Theatre

10 Normandy, France was the sight of what major ___________________ landing of ___________ troops? Amphibious Allied

11 Doolittle led the Raid on what city? Tokyo

12 What was the code name for the Normandy landing? Operation Overlord D-Day

13 Hiroshima and Nagasaki were.... Places where the Atomic Bombs were dropped (Japan)

14 Pearl Harbor was attacked on ________________. D-Day happened on ________________. December 7, 1941 June 6, 1944

15 Bataan was the name of the _________ __________________ of American and Filipino troops. Forced Death March

16 Italy was able to defeat which country? Ethiopia

17 Winston Churchill was the leader of what allied nation? Great Britain (England/Britain)

18 101st Airborne was caught behind enemy lines in what battle? Battle of the Bulge

19 Manhattan Project was the nickname of secret group of scientists working on what? Atomic Bomb

20 “To save the lives of American soldiers making an attack on the Island of Japan” was the reason for what? (By whom?) Dropped the bombs on Japan

21 Where was the secret facility for creating the secret weapon for the U.S. ? Los Alamos, New Mexico

22 Selective Service was instituted before the war started to Prepare men to go for war.

23 Automobile industry was mainly effected by the war production because It stopped making production of cars. Started making war materials (tanks, airplanes)

24 Possibility of surrender by military, fighting on land, bombed on a larger scale, Multiple countries involved. European Theater

25 What was the untapped resource of employment when WWII broke out? Women

26 What country did Italy have problems attacking and was turned back by the British? Egypt

27 After being unsuccessful in breaking the British, Germany turned to attack which of the Allies? Soviet Union

28 Before American entry into WWII, how did the U.S. aid the allies, “just short of war” (showing it's support) ? Lend Lease Act

29 During the allied landing in Western Europe, what beach had the American Allies experienced the most severe losses in their attempts to land? Omaha Beach

30 Japanese in the U.S. were placed in ________________ due to executive order 9066 during WWII. Internment Camps

31 The Lend Lease Act gave weapons to what group of people in WWII? Allies

32 What country did Japan invade after it attacked the United States? Philippines

33 Dwight D. Eisenhower was the commander of allied forces at what major event of WWII? D-Day (Normandy, France)

34 What was the name of the Battle in the Argonne Forest in WWII that was the last advance the Germans made on the allied line? Battle of the Bulge

35 What was the American solution to ending the conflict with Japan? Dropping the bomb(s)

36 The bombing of Pearl Harbor brought what major power into WWII? United States

37 What did the United States do to Japan that led her to perform desperate measures, like the bombing of Pearl Harbor? We put an embargo on materials (oil, gas, metal, etc) They attacked China (Manchuria)

38 Who was the German leader during WWII? Hitler

39 What caused the powers of Europe to start WWII against Germany? Invasion of Poland (1939)

40 FDR was the ____________ for the majority of WWII. President of the U.S.

41 Rosie the Riveter was the nickname given to women that did what during WWII? Worked in Factories

42 Who were the Axis Powers? Germany Italy Japan

43 The policy of appeasement gave Germany a final warning after they were given the last of ________________. Czechoslovakia

44 What are some items that were rationed in the U.S. during WWII? Canned Goods Gas Tires Coffee Sugar Butter Meat

45 The Fall of Berlin was the end for which country in WWII? Germany

46 What is the controlled distribution of resources and scarce goods or services? Rations

47 The policy of _____________ or _________________was the policy the U.S. had during the beginning of the war neutrality (isolationist)

48 Sea battles, Up close fighting, Island hopping, would fight till the death Pacific Theater

49 Possibility of surrender by military, fighting on land, bombed on a larger scale, Multiple countries involved. European Theater

50 What are the main members of the Allies? France Great Britain Soviet Union U.S.

51 Who was the man that took over the office of the President after FDR died? Harry Truman

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