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US Data Capture Welcome to Faster Easier Better Simpler.

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1 US Data Capture Welcome to Faster Easier Better Simpler.

2 USDC History US Data Capture, Inc. Founded in 1991 US Data Capture, Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA. First Data serves as our backend processor and is responsible for the ACH funds transfer to our merchants designated bank accounts FD currently processes credit card transactions for over 500,000 merchant locations with total Visa/MasterCard sales volume in excess of $500 Billion

3 We understand the challenges of running a successful business today. That’s why USDC puts all the pieces together in order to make payment processing simpler whether it’s on-line, on-site, or by phone. NY-based client relationship manager assigned to your account at our corporate headquarters No teaser rates or hidden costs No confusing statements Lowest transaction rates guaranteed Pick Interchange, USDC 3-Tier, 1-Rate or Rewards Rate Cash back Rewards with every transaction PCI-DSS compliant. We Can Help

4 Already accepting credit cards. Switching to USDC is fast, easy, and painless! We’ll take care of everything. No need to change bank accounts No downtime in transaction processing No need to switch online gateways No equipment purchase required No extended hold times Easy rate comparison. Switching Is Easy

5 Being a client with USDC has its rewards. Each Visa/MasterCard transaction you process earns you points. Points are awarded to you on your anniversary with USDC based sales processed during the preceding year. Rewards never expire Redeem for cash back Reduction in discount rate Exchange points for gifts & services (coming soon) Earn 10 points when you sign up USDC Rewards

6 We make sure that you keep as much money as you can from every credit and debit card transaction. With USDC every transaction is processed using the most up-to-date systems and using the latest secure encryption technology. Fair pricing and full disclosure of all fees and terms Fast access to funds one easy to read statement, accessible on-line Simpler statements Easy account management through Online merchant Fast and secure transaction processing No need to change equipment or operating procedures It’s Your Money

7 Whether your customers pay by check or credit, debit, prepaid, gift or loyalty cards you'll get fast access to your funds with USDC and with enhanced reporting. B2B service or manufacturing Educational and institutional operations Retail Restaurant Hospitality Medical Wholesale On-line Non-Profit/Charitable organizations Mobile Financial Services It’s Your Business Electronic check processing

8 USDC has over 20 years experience in matching today’s technology with your payment processing needs. We process over $1 Billion in credit card sales annually. USDC took the time to carefully select the right Visa/MasterCard and acquiring partners and as a result is pleased to be a registered ISO/MSP of: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA First Data Corporation RBS Worldpay Chase Paymentech Solutions Depend Upon USDC

9 Have a question? You never have to deal with infuriating voice prompts or waste time on extended holds. There’s always a live, knowledgeable client relationship manager available to answer your call. Long-term salaried CRM’s CRM assigned to your account Phone Support during normal business “Live Chat” online Customer Service

10 With USDC, you have a choice when it comes to rate plans. You can choose from: Industry standard- Interchange Pass- Through, USDC 3-Tier, USDC 1-Rate platform, Rewards Rate. Best of all, if you choose the wrong plan, you can always switch to one that is better suited to your business. No Bill-Back plans No hidden fee’s Surcharge No fee’s due from prior months Rate Options

11 Already have equipment? USDC will always discuss your options and will advise you to utilize exiting equipment whenever possible. We only recommend the equipment that you need - not what we can sell. Free installation, training, and support Live client service and help desk Flexible lease programs Free next day replacement of rented equipment Rent-to-own programs Equipment is shipped pre-tested and pre-programmed Equipment Options

12 USDC offers full connectivity with all major payment processing software. USDC supports 99.5% of all the point-of-sale terminals in the market today and we continually communicate with manufacturers to ensure that we stay current. Software Options

13 With USDC there are NO: unknown surcharges, fees without any backup, unexplained adjustments, unexplained Interchange Fees, hidden service charges, prior month “Bill-Back” Fees. Simpler Statements

14 From This Does your statement contain? Unknown Surcharges Fees without any backup Misc. Adjustments Interchange Fee’s Service Charges Prior Month “Bill-Back” Fee’s Fuzzy Math

15 To This USDC monthly Statements are simpler to understand All rates and fees fully disclosed – and the math works! No hidden costs No application fees No reprogramming fees No conversion fees No annual fees

16 Want to be able to focus more time on your business so you can make more money rather than spending time figuring out where your money is going and get rewarded? It’s easy…Make the change to USDC Today. Remember there are no long term contracts and your rates are guaranteed. Start or Switch Now

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