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Business Credit & Funding. What is Business Credit?

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1 Business Credit & Funding

2 What is Business Credit?

3 Business Credit Credit obtained in a Business Name & Business Entity The Business builds its own credit profile & score A Business with an established credit profile & score leads to MORE CREDIT

4 Business Credit This credit is in the BUSINESSS name Based on the businesss ability to pay: NOT the Business Owners No personal credit check required in most cases

5 Business Credit Scores are based solely on whether the business pays its bills on time Obtain credit much faster using their business credit profile

6 The 9 Most Devastating Mistakes Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Make When Financing Their Businesses… and How to Avoid Them

7 How Much Are You Willing To Risk For Your Business?

8 Devastating Mistake #1 Not recognizing opportunity costs

9 Devastating Mistake #2 Not following up on the credit-building process

10 Devastating Mistake #3 Rushing the process for building corporate credit

11 Devastating Mistake #4 Not setting up a corporation and building corporate credit – the RIGHT way

12 Devastating Mistake #5 Using your familys money

13 Devastating Mistake #6 Not paying your bills on time …100% of the time

14 Devastating Mistake #7 Contaminating your credit

15 Devastating Mistake #8 Putting personal assets at risk

16 Devastating Mistake #9 Using personal credit to finance your business

17 While the average bank in America uses 8 percent of its deposits to make small- business loans, we found that of the nation's 10 biggest banks, six used less than 3 percent of their deposits to make small-business loans

18 AKA No matter what the banks use in marketing campaigns…. They are NOT giving out small business loans They are NOT giving out small business loans

19 GrowthGrowth EmployeesEmployees WidgetsWidgets TrucksTrucks No Cash For: And whats even MORE important…

20 If I need the cash…. I use my personal credit cards I am fully responsible (all my assets) for the growth of my business I am fully responsible (all my assets) for the growth of my business Thats very VERY risky

21 Thats Like Playing Russian Roulette …Not Cool

22 So What Does That Mean?

23 Quite frankly… It means businesss cannot grow If youre not growing, you WILL wither and Die

24 Because of this… was born!

25 Business Credit Ally We were created to provide business owners with the capital needed to GROW their business

26 Your Business must have 3 separate credit reports with:

27 6 Steps To Building Business Credit The following 6 steps are The MAGIC Sauce to insure success in building business credit.

28 Step 1- Setting The Foundation For Building Business Credit Making sure your business is ready to build business credit. Your business entity structure, what it takes to build business credit. You will be building strong business credit and you should protect it. Why your business location is vital to building business credit. Your business must be in 411 directory assistance to get approved. The new items lenders are checking to see if your business is credible. Your business credit identity EIN the tracking and how you get one. Why you must verify that all agencies listings are exactly the same.

29 Step 2- Optimizing Your Banking, Assets, And Revenue To Maximize Fundability Your bank accounts, a vital business credit building component Identifying the business assets and availability for credit use. First round of funding both with and without a personal guarantee options available The business owners can play a key role in building business credit Bank Visa and MasterCards that can be used as cash and that build credit

30 Step 3- Getting Set Up With All Three Business Credit Reporting Agencies Dun & Bradstreet Credit Report Experian Business Profile Report Equifax Small Business Credit Report Credit scores, what are excellent business credit scores

31 Step 4- Vendor Credit (Net 30 Day Accounts) The Starter Set of Net 30 Vendors Vendors for Computers & Electronics Vendors for Office Supplies, Marketing & Print Vendors for Building & Industrial Supplies Vendors Who are Major Retail & Specialty Providers A summary of your selected vendor accounts & applications

32 Step 5- National Revolving Credit Card Accounts The Starter Set of Revolving Credit Accounts Revolving Accounts for Major Credit Card Providers Revolving Accounts for Office Resources & Supplies Revolving Accounts for Building & Décor Supplies Revolving Accounts for Gas & Fleet Management Revolving Accounts for Major Retail & Specialty Providers A summary of your selected revolving credit card accounts & applications

33 Step 6- One Bank Loan, Why It Is Very Important And Exactly How To Get It Bank rating, what is it and how to use it to your advantage Unique funding programs that are available sources of business cash and the second round of funding Sources for finding personal cash that can be used in your business Obtaining one bank business loan that reports to the credit agencies Where to go to get the one bank loan that your business must have

34 See how our business credit coaching and funding consultation Services stack up with the competition: Other Companies Largest Database of Business LendersYES!X Data Integration of Over 100 Different CASH Business Lenders YES!X Data Integration of D&B YES!X Data Integration of Experian YES!X Data Integration of Equifax YES!X Discount D&B File YES!X Certified Coaches YES!X One-on-One Coaching YES!X Coaches Pay Tied to Client Success YES!X Coaches Pay Tied to Customer Satisfaction YES!X

35 How it works…

36 Business Owners will have Their own customer portal Instant access to updates on funds Instant access to updates on funds Hand holding through each step of the process Audio and video desciptions Audio and video desciptions 2 personal Business Credit coaches Ensure approval takes place Ensure approval takes place

37 6 Easy Steps In Funding Program The Foundation The Foundation Your Fundability Your Fundability Credit Agencies Credit Agencies Selected Vendor Credit Selected Vendor Credit Selected Credit Cards Selected Credit Cards Unsecured business financing Unsecured business financing

38 Fundability Over 30 funding products

39 Tier 1 Fundability Up to 150K. Guaranteed 50K » No financials or revenues » No tax returns needed » Good with about 700 or higher personal credit score » Good for starter businesses and franchises » Good for businesss that dont want to show revenue Basically a No-doc loan

40 Thats 50 Grand GUARANTEED…

41 Working Capital Financing Even If You Have 500 Credit Scores… Asset based lending. Borrow money against the assets in the business No credit issues to get approved Again…50K guaranteed line of credit

42 Niche Financing Funding available based on the niche you are in

43 Have revenue and financials Willing to show tax returns Profitable ROE and ROA Years of sustainable profitability Up to 250K and SBA loans up to 12M High End Financing High Rollers Club

44 Pricing $2997 Setup Fee Guaranteed $50K line of credit Would you trade $2997 for $50,000?

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