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1 Find your dream home And make it Yours!

2 Tired of Renting? Why throw your money away when you can own a home instead?

3 We make it easy! Our program puts you in a great home – Wide selection of houses – Custom Home Finder Program – Affordable down payment – Reasonable monthly payments – Less than perfect credit – OK! – When banks say No – We say YES!

4 We Handle All The Details We help make the dream of home ownership a reality! – Working with home sellers – Credit repair – Work closely with our Mortgage Broker – Ongoing support and follow-up

5 Heres How it Works You pay 3-7% of the purchase price of your new home as a down payment or Option Fee. You make your monthly rent payments for the term of the lease, usually 12-24 months. We help you secure a mortgage to purchase the home. All of your Option Fee goes toward the down payment. Generous rent credits goes towards closing costs

6 A Quick Example You want a home that costs $100,000. You have $5,000 for a down payment. You can get this from a tax refund, gift, 401(k), IRA, cash advance, gift, private loan, etc. – You pay $4,000 (4%) for an option fee. – You pay $1,000 for your first months rent. When its time to close on the house, the bank notes your $4,000 down payment and you borrow $96,000. Your rent credits cover all the closing costs. Even though the house may appreciate while you rent, you still buy it for the original negotiated price and the equity is all yours!

7 Why People Love Our Program You can move in immediately. You dont have to move again…you are closing on the home youre already in. You can purchase at any time during your lease and the price doesnt change. You have plenty of time to shop for the best interest rates and mortgage terms to keep your payments low. The more you put down, the more flexible the terms.

8 Get Started Today Sign up below for more information and join our VIP Buyers List – Where do you want to live? – What type of home are you looking for? – What can you afford? – When do you want to move? Fill out the quick form below to get started!! Its free to sign up…no obligation!

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