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Date Metalogix – Training Documentation PAM4Exchange.

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1 Date Metalogix – Training Documentation PAM4Exchange

2 Productivity Solutions for Microsoft Day 1: User & Admin I. Introduction II. End-user overview Archived vs. non-archived emails Customizing archive emails view in Outlook III. Accessing emails remotely OWA ArchiveWeb Offline access Setting up the Audit Tracking IV. Back-end advanced training Enterprise Manager Addressbook Manager PST Import Various tools V. HSM & Fulltext concept VI. Backup & Disaster Recovery concept (Day 2: Installation & Best Practice)

3 Metalogix - Confidential3 Exchange + PAM Storage Compliancy Migration Disaster recovery Backup

4 Metalogix - Confidential4 The Microsoft synergy MS Exchange support for 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 Seamless MS Outlook support for Outlook 2000, XP and 2003, 2007 OWA support for OWA 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 Database support for MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, Express, Oracle 8.x and higher Cluster support for W2000/2003

5 Metalogix - Confidential5 The architecture

6 Metalogix - Confidential6 Transparency (Outlook, OWA) Only a special icon lets the user know that the email was archived All processes familiar to the end-user remain the same

7 Metalogix - Confidential7 Reducing message size

8 Metalogix - Confidential8

9 9 OWA ArchiveWeb Offline access OWA Access to archived emails Links for attachments Offline access Offline synchronization for notebook users with Outlook AddIn

10 Metalogix - Confidential10 ArchiveWeb Archived emails accessed via web interface Search results export to Exchange or PST Shortcuts deleted from Exchange Emails can be locked for audit purposes (legal hold) Tags sort emails to defined categories Comments added to emails

11 Metalogix - Confidential11 Enterprise Manager Addressbook Manager PST Import Other tools Enterprise Manager Addressbook Manager PST ImportOther tools

12 Metalogix - Confidential12 Scheduled / manual archiving Retrieving User permissions Advanced search Global settings Browsing in archive

13 Metalogix - Confidential13 Mailboxes / Groups management Automatic synchronization with Active Directory Synchronization of permissions

14 Metalogix - Confidential14 Import local PST files in their original hierarchy into the archive

15 Metalogix - Confidential15 Post processing – provides smooth integration with any third party product using advanced scripting plugins. Supports workflow, enterprise content management, CRM, docu management… Configuration tool – administers product databases, stores and schemas. Managing operations in HSM Store

16 Metalogix - Confidential16 - data storage system developed by Metalogix - takes care of saving and securing archived emails - (works with database SQL/Oracle) - includes Single Instance Store service (SIS) -> identical content stored only once - SIS enables versioning -> keep track of changes

17 Metalogix - Confidential17 Own PAM search engine integrated: ArchiveWeb Outlook Addin Independent of Outlook search Emails are indexed prior to archiving Searching in attachments PAM Search built on HSM level; can work for different Metalogix products

18 Metalogix - Confidential18 Archived emails accessible if Exchange Server crashes The HSM store integrated into the PAM4Exchange server redirects archived emails into various storage media (simultaneous / parallel archiving) SIMULTANEOUS / PARALLEL ARCHIVING

19 Metalogix - Confidential19 Multiple archiving locations

20 Metalogix - Confidential20 Day 2: Installation & Best Practice I. Requirements HW SW Database II. Installation process Installation package Advanced features III. Post-Install Configuration Initial Configuration PAM custom Forms Best practice IV. PSTGathererSv client-end application: running the setup of the PST Gatherer service configuring your PST Gatherer service

21 Metalogix - Confidential21 Hardware: PAM4Exchange server: Minimal configuration Intel P4 2 GHz processor 1 GB RAM Recommended configuration Dual Xeon 4 GB RAM Software:.NET Framework 2.0 SP2 IIS MDAC 2.8 MAPI (Microsoft Exchange System Manager) Database: MS-SQL 2005 / MS-SQL 2008 / MS-SQL Express 05 / Oracle 8.x and higher

22 Metalogix - Confidential22 Transparent and intuitive installation package Express or Advanced installation mode No extra configuration needed 30-day free trial

23 Metalogix - Confidential23 Application server & Administrative tools (Enterprise Manager) HSM Base Services PAM Search service PAM4Exchange server HSM server

24 Metalogix - Confidential24 PST Import MS Exchange Server Extensions OWA support Direct Archive PST Importer server

25 Metalogix - Confidential25 Initial configuration PAM custom forms Best tuning (Best practice)

26 Metalogix - Confidential26 Initial Configuration Wizard guides you through the steps: mailbox import default retention job filtering

27 Metalogix - Confidential27 PAM custom forms are installed with FormsInstaller tool on a computer where Outlook is running. FormsInstaller

28 Metalogix - Confidential28 Define retention time for which the emails will be kept in archive Delay shortcut creation for Blackberry users Specify global settings – e.g. links for attachments in Outlook Preview pane Schedule automated archiving (jobs) out of working hours Database backup time

29 Metalogix - Confidential29 Seamless integration with Outlook 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007 Offers the most advanced functions for authorized users: Versioning Fulltext search Offline folder synchronization Manual email archiving / retrieving Marking for deletion

30 Metalogix - Confidential30 Used for automated PST files importing Searches through client PCs Client-end application Autonomous setup

31 Metalogix - Confidential31

32 Metalogix - Confidential32 Set beginning, duration, frequency of search for PST files Specify when to start uploading, duration of upload and frequency

33 Thank you for your attention

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