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Introducing ClientTrack 13 1Company Confidential WEBINAR SERIES | August 15, 2013 Presentation will be recorded Callers muted Written questions are welcome.

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1 Introducing ClientTrack 13 1Company Confidential WEBINAR SERIES | August 15, 2013 Presentation will be recorded Callers muted Written questions are welcome

2 Introductions Brad Ball Marketing Director, ClientTrack, Inc. (2012-Present) Darin Patterson Vice President of Client and Product Development (2007-Present) Attendees Company Confidential2

3 Agenda ClientTrack Background Introducing ClientTrack 13 – Top 5 Features and Demonstration ClientTrack 13 Availability Company Confidential3

4 4 We enable our clients to make a difference in their community. We nurture a collaborative learning organization, continually improving our products and services, our productivity and effectiveness. Establish organizational best practices through improved efficiency Optimize collaborations within and between organizations Ensure compliance with funding sources Enhance outcomes reporting to strengthen fundraising and build community awareness ClientTrack Background

5 A Brief Overview of ClientTrack Releases ClientTrack Platform Releases – Major release each year – Clients coordinate upgrades with Client Advocate Functional Releases – Intermittent releases throughout the year Company Confidential5

6 Introducing ClientTrack 13 Release focused on:  Empowering organizations to visualize their impact in their community  Extending the information technology infrastructure for small and enterprise implementations alike Company Confidential6

7 ClientTrack 13: Top 5 Major Features ClientTrack Data Visualization Tool Access Permissions Compliance Assurance Engine ClientTrack Query Designer Enhancements Self Service Password Reset Company Confidential7

8 ClientTrack Data Visualization: Practical Terms Interactive Charts Charts Available in: – Data Explorer – Forms – Dashboards Company Confidential8

9 ClientTrack Data Visualization: Demonstration Company Confidential9

10 Tool Access Permissions Enable large organizations and collaborations to manage the complexity of a dynamic environment without sacrificing adherence to core security principles. Company Confidential10

11 Tool Access Permissions: Practical Terms Previous Model A user’s functional capabilities were based on: Designer Level Workgroup Organization* New Model A user’s functional capabilities are based on: Tool Access Permissions System Access Properties Workgroup Organization* Company Confidential11

12 Tool Access Permissions: Practical Terms Beyond standard “Tool Access Permission”, additional system access properties enable more robust creation and management of user permissions – E.g. “Supervisor” or “Billing Manager” – Results in fewer workgroups, less maintenance Company Confidential12

13 Tool Access Permissions: Preview Company Confidential13

14 Compliance Assurance Engine Ensures that ClientTrack implementations maintain adherence to specific data or reporting standards based upon compliance requirements, without sacrificing the capability of the solution to be enhanced by local needs. Company Confidential14

15 Compliance Assurance Engine: Practical Terms Multiple standards can be applied to a database (e.g. HMIS Universal Data, CSBG Client Characteristics, etc.) A Compliance Standard consists of a set of ClientTrack tables and columns, dropdown lists, and dropdown list values that are utilized to accomplish some specific data collection or reporting objective. Company Confidential15

16 Compliance Assurance Engine: Practical Terms What does it enforce? Disabling or removing data elements Altering the required status of an element Altering dropdown lists and values associated with an element What does it not enforce? Workgroup Designer option changes Workflow Designer step changes Rules engine changes Data imported from external systems Company Confidential16

17 Compliance Assurance Engine: Demonstration Company Confidential17

18 ClientTrack Query Designer Enhancements ClientTrack 13 features significant enhancements to the interface of ClientTrack Query Designer, the tool designed specifically for database administrators to quickly query data from any ClientTrack table or view. These enhancements are based upon feedback from our users and intended to speed query design and create consistency with other ClientTrack design tools. Company Confidential18

19 ClientTrack Query Designer: Before Company Confidential19 ClientTrack Query Designer: After

20 ClientTrack Query Designer: Demonstration Company Confidential20

21 Self Service Password Reset You've asked...and we've answered. End users can now securely manage their own password resets without requiring the intervention of an administrative user. Password management for a user is securely managed through the relationship of a user account, their associated email address, and related security questions managed by ClientTrack. Company Confidential21

22 Self Service Password Reset: In Practice Password Recovery Information Password Reset Company Confidential22

23 The Little Things That Matter… Webcam Support for File Uploads More Interactive Dashboards Updated Rich Text Editor Multi-edit Forms Automatically Add New Rows Form Pause Removed (default) Simplified Family Management Delete Button Notification and Undo Active Status Log Company Confidential23

24 The Little (and Technical) Things that Matter… Workgroup Designer – New visual cues – Conditional menu group visibility Form Designer – Form checkout enhancements – Default select one for lists – Longer label lengths – Read only messages Data Designer – Join top 1 record Workflow Designer Updates – Enhanced visual cues Dashboard Designer – Design Forms Download Report Files Company Confidential24

25 ClientTrack 13: What will end users experience? No need for additional training Enhancements of features already available to them Will likely be requested to update their password recovery questions upon initial login Company Confidential25

26 ClientTrack 13 Availability Full Release Notes Available This Weekend – Client Advocates Will Distribute on Monday 08/19/2013 Clients can schedule upgrade of their testing environment with their Client Advocate Clients currently in implementation will receive priority upgrades scheduled with their project manager Company Confidential26

27 Resources Company Confidential27 ClientTrack Sales: 888-449-6328 Support: 855-374-7877 Client Advocate Noah Iliinksy, Data Visualization Expert

28 Thank You About ClientTrackContact Information Company Confidential28 Founded in 1983, ClientTrack Inc. provides software and professional services that advance the missions of Health, Human and Social Service organizations by enhancing their ability to gather, use and report client information. 888.449.6328 Upcoming Events: (update)

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