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…your guide through terrain

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1 …your guide through email terrain
Sherpa Software …your guide through terrain Attender Utilities® for Microsoft Exchange Archive Attender space management & compliance retention for

2 Why Archive? Reasons to Archive:
Comply with data preservation laws/regulatory requirements Reduce Exchange server storage space Eliminate/preserve hard to manage PST data Search for critical business content and move it off of susceptible mail servers Statistics show*: In the past three years, 81% of IT departments have been required to search back-ups to retrieve one or more s Almost 50% of organizations have been ordered by a court or regulatory body to produce 4 out of 5 users employ personal/local archives to store messaging system data *based on Osterman Research findings

3 Compliance Archiving Why Compliance Archiving? Adhere to ever increasing regulations (SOX, HIPAA, etc.) Limit user access to archived data Archive Attender can: Archive for specific users/departments Archive specific content based on keywords Archive all incoming and outgoing messages from the journal mailbox in native format Search archived data for compliance reviews Index archived messages and attachments for quick search results Maintain audit trails of all activity within the archive Enforce retentions on archived data so information is automatically purged after its “useful” life

4 Storage Archiving Reduce storage requirements on Exchange servers
Why Storage Archiving? Reduce storage requirements on Exchange servers Increase server performance Reduce back-up/recovery time Inbox is becoming a file repository and taking up valuable server space Decrease legal liability by selectively archiving only critical business documents Archive Attender can: Provide Administrators and/or users ability to archive messages Provide Administrators, Compliance Officers, HR, Legal, and users access to search and retrieve data Display search results similar to web search engines for easy retrieval

5 PST Archiving Hard to access/password protected User-controlled
Why Archive from PST Files? Hard to access/password protected User-controlled Possible corruption issues Contain business knowledge Occupy valuable space Difficult to back-up Archive Attender can: Access and archive content from PST files Provide users access to search and retrieve data archived from PST files Decrease the need for PST files since information is now stored in a secure location

6 Exchange Limitations Exchange options available for archiving: PST Files are difficult to manage if not using a product like Mail Attender. Archive Attender allows elimination of PST files. Public Folders retain information in the Exchange Server database and do not alleviate any of the storage issues. Journaling copies incoming and outgoing messages to a Journal Mailbox, but does not purge messages from this mailbox. Archive Attender allows this data to be moved to a secure, storage location for preservation and searching.

7 Archive Attender Archiving Options
Exchange Mailboxes Messages Calendar Entries Contacts Tasks Journals Sticky Notes PST Files Journal Mailbox

8 The Admin Console Simple installation Easy navigation
Set different policies for different users/groups Search all users archives

9 Exchange Journal Archiving
Preserve original s (sent and received) Comply with regulations to retain Easy searching of archived information

10 PST Archiving Move PST data to archive locations
Users can access archived PST information through stubs in their mailbox Eliminate PST files

11 Targeting Users Include users based on Active Directory membership
Organize users in logical or physical groups Automatically reflect changes in Active Directory

12 Selecting Data for Archiving
Flexible archiving policies to meet compliance and storage requirements Archiving Criteria: Quota: weighted quota scale with age and size Subject Sender Size Location Keywords (Mail Attender) Attachment Types (Mail Attender)

13 Archiving by Quota Archive based on user mailbox quota limitations
Weighted message age and size determine which messages are archived to meet quota requirements

14 Scheduling Ongoing journal mailbox archiving
Option to archive at off-peak times to allow maximum server performance Flexible scheduling window similar to Exchange Ability to process past the end of the scheduled window

15 User Archiving Administrator can provide users the option to archive their own messages No client installation required

16 Stub Options Multiple stub options to address varying needs
Plaintext stub options to minimize space HTML stub options Option to include original body in the stub to support user searches in the Outlook client

17 Managing the Archive Lifecycle
Search the archive and retrieve messages and attachments Move to secondary/tiered storage: Hierarchical Storage Management Set retention policies on the archives to delete anything over useful life Prevent unauthorized access to data by securing the archive Provide access to Corporate Security Officers for ongoing policy enforcement and compliance monitoring

18 Administrator Archive Searches
Administrator can search across all archives (messages and/or attachments) Allow Compliance/Security Officer to conduct searches across the archives Multi-threaded, simultaneous searching of individual indexes allows for faster responses

19 Searching from Outlook
Web search engine style search results Users can search across own archives Individual indexes per user for faster searching, better reliability/performance, and quicker index building

20 Managing the Archive Hierarchical Storage Management- move older/less critical data to secondary storage Delete archived messages after retention period expires Exempt archived data for users on legal hold

21 User Management Administrator options can allow users to manage their own messages in the following ways: Archive their own messages Search their archived messages Restore archived messages to their mailbox Delete their own archived messages

22 Archive Attender Advantages
Easy installation Comprehensive PST file management eliminates PST files and associated management headaches No client installation No installation required on the Exchange server No additional database or hardware necessary Archived information is stored in its native format for easy retrieval

23 Complimentary Sherpa Products

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