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GS3055-I Installation Process

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1 GS3055-I Installation Process

2 GS3055-I Overview The GS3055-I is:
A universal wireless alarm communicator that can be used as a backup or primary communicator A device which connects the alarm control panel to the GSM network and reports alarm signals directly to a monitoring central station receiver (Sur-Gard System III with a DRL3-IP line card or System II) A digital transmitter which provides full reporting from any control panel that communicates using Contact ID format

3 GS3055-I Service Provider Who is CONNECT 24?
CONNECT 24 is the GS3055-I service provider CONNECT 24 provides the automated telephone activation system for the activation of GS3055-I units (GVRU, Voice Response Unit) CONNECT 24 provides the web-user interface support for the programming of GS3055-I units (future use) CONNECT 24 provides account administration, billing and rate plans to GS3055-I customers

4 GS3055-I Enrolment Steps In order to properly enrol a GS3055-I unit you must follow these steps: Important Note: Prior to installing a GS3055-I you must first become an authorized dealer. Please consult your central monitoring station for master reseller programs or visit and complete the authorization form STEP 1 – Activate your SIM card with Connect 24* STEP 2 – Initialize the GS3055-I with Connect 24* STEP 3 – Determine best signal strength location STEP 4 - Connect the GS3055-I to the control panel STEP 5 - Program the control panel to use the GS3055-I STEP 6 – Test the GS3055-I * Note: GS3055-I unit must be powered down for STEPS 1 and 2

5 GS3055-I SIM Card Activation (GVRU)
Prior to installation, each SIM Card must be activated via the Connect 24 GVRU ( , option [6]). Activations must be performed at least 24 hours before to installation (initialization) The following information is required when activating a SIM Card: Installer’s ID Number: Identifies each installer listed on the Dealer Enrolment Form Installer’s PIN Number: Identifies each installer with a 4 digit PIN number The SIM Card Number: (Subscriber Identity Module), digits located on SIM Card Note: Only authorized dealers can activate a SIM Card with CONNECT 24

6 GS3055-I Initialization (GVRU)
GS3055-I initializations can be performed via the Connect 24 GVRU ( , option [4]) Enter the following information and options when initializing a unit: Profile Number: Represents the Central Station Receiver IP address and Rate Plan Installer’s ID Number: Identifies the installer listed on the Dealer Enrolment Form Installer’s PIN Number: Identifies the installer The Central Station Account Number: Represents the account number that will be transmitted to the Central Station Receiver The SIM Card Number: (Subscriber Identity Module), digits located on SIM Card The DNIS Number: (Dialled Number Information Service), Check with your Central Station Test transmission selection: select the required test schedule (no test, daily, weekly or monthly) Determine if GS3055-I unit is the primary or backup communicator: enable/disable TLM (telephone line monitor) option Note: Only authorized dealers can activate a SIM Card with CONNECT 24

7 GS3055-I Signal Strength Test
To test the signal strength of a GS3055-I: Connect the antenna to the GS3055-I Ensure that the SIM card is installed into the GS3055-I Connect the battery to the GS3055-I Signal strength levels: LED#3 and LED#4 ON = Excellent Signal Strength LED#4 ON = Good Strength LED#4 Flashing = Poor Signal Strength Both OFF = No signal Strength Note: For proper installation, a GS3055-I must have Good or Excellent Signal Strength. If a poor strength is detected, the unit should be relocated or an antenna extension should be used LED# 3 LED #4

8 GS3055-I – Telephone Wiring (Back-up Mode)
To Power Supply From RJ-31X Demarcation To Premise Telephones

9 GS3055-I Control Panel Programming
The following control panel programming is required : Telephone number * Account number Communications format – Contact ID Reporting codes or select automatic reporting** Communications enabled *If communicating only using the GS3055-I (no land-line), program any telephone number **If supported by the control panel

10 GS3055-I Testing To test the GS3055-I, perform the following:
Disconnect the telephone line from the TIP and RING terminals on the GS3055-I Wait for LED 2 (YELLOW) to turn ON (indicates that the unit is in GSM mode) Force the control panel to transmit a signal (i.e. zone alarm, keypad alarm etc.) Connect a handset to RING and TIP on the control panel to verify that the control panel is communicating

11 GS3055-I – Testing Diagram To Power Supply
Connect the 12V/1.2AH Battery to the GS3055-I To Premise Telephones

12 GS3055-I Assistance Directory
Connect 24 Phone Number: (Canada) (US) Fax: Website: GVRU Activation and Initialization: DSC Technical Support Phone Number: Website:

13 GS3055-I Questions?

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