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Smart Personal Console (SPC). Smart Personal Console Overview SPC allows users more control over their personal communications settings. Users can view/set:

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1 Smart Personal Console (SPC)

2 Smart Personal Console Overview SPC allows users more control over their personal communications settings. Users can view/set: Received calls Buttons on their phones (dependent on system administrator settings) Forwarding options Follow-Me options Unified Messaging options (Voicemail-to-Email) Voice Messaging Scheduling

3 Logging In On the IP1000 click the blue link to go to the user login page. You will get a screen like this for the IP1000. Use the USER LOGIN option. For all other IPitomy systems, type in your extension number and Mailbox PIN number. Then press LOGIN to access your SPC Page. IP1000 IP1200/IP1500/IP2000 Systems From you browser type in the IP address of the system. You can get this from your system administrator.

4 Home This screen provides a quick summary of received calls and voice mail messages. A red handset symbol next to a phone number or a message means you can click on that number to return a call to that person. When the Dial screen appears, press Call. When your phone rings, simply answer the phone and the call will go through.

5 Selecting My Account provides access to several options. To access these features, your account must be enabled to do so. Check with your system administrator. Voice Mail Settings Follow Me Call Forwarding My Phone Settings My Schedule My Account

6 You can change your Password (PIN) and your email address. This is the email address that a copy of your voicemail message will be sent to. To enable voicemail-to-email, select yes. Your voicemail will be sent to your email account as an attachment. To delete all voicemail and only receive it as email select yes. Allows user to rerecord message Allow callers to dial 0 for the operator from the mailbox. Messages can be automatically deleted from the voicemail system after a programmable number of days. Since you may have your messages in email and in the voicemail system, this eliminates the need to clean out old messages in the voicemail system. The mailbox number and name cannot be changed by you. Your mailbox number is the same as your extension number. When a new message comes into your voicemail box, it will be sent to your email and remain in your voicemail box. If you do not want your message waiting light to come on with new messages, select this. If you want to hear the caller ID along with your messages select YES. The envelope message plays the number of new and old messages and the time and date the message was left. Voicemail Settings

7 8134619831 Your extension can be forwarded to another number. This can be setup for Unconditional, Busy, No Answer or Unavailable. Unconditional Forwarding – All incoming calls are forwarded to the number in the box. Choose the PSTN NUMBER option to send calls to a regular phone number like home or a cell phone. To forward to another extension select the extension from the drop down list. To turn forwarding off, choose the DISABLED option. If you choose to forward unconditional, the options can be enabled and disabled from your phone by dialing the codes for forward on (*91), forward off (*90) or change forward number (*92) Busy, no answer and unavailable forwarding cannot be changed from the phone. Only Unconditional forwarding can be enabled or disabled from your phone. Call Forwarding

8 Follow-Me To set up your Follow-Me settings, select Numbers and settings from the Follow- Me menu. The Follow me feature will attempt to call an alternate list of numbers if callers are not able to reach you at your extension. Follow-Me Options Play an optional message notifying callers that the system will attempt to reach you Record the callers name and play it to you for screening calls. You will be offered the opportunity to press 1 to accept or 2 to reject the call. Play an unreachable message to the caller. Setup allows you to create a list of numbers for Follow-Me to call. Set the priority number for calling additional numbers. Setting them all the same means they will be called at the same time. Setting the priorities to different values like 1, 2, 3 will result in trying 1 first, 2 second and 3 third. The Use check box must be selected to enable calling a number.

9 My Phone Settings Use My Phone Settings to change button programming on your phone … add speed dial numbers, monitor the busy status of up to 5 other phones, and add feature buttons. There are 20 soft key buttons in the top button mapping section on IPitomy IP550 phones. They are grouped in groups of 5 with a more key to display the next group. The button programming screen has the buttons numbered 1 thru 20. The numbers start on the left side and move down and over to the right side 123123 456456 Select the button type from the drop down list Type in a label. This is what you will see on the screen Bill Type in the value (the number you want for speed dial) or select from the drop down list.

10 My Schedule A Schedule is a way to send your calls to alternate destinations based upon day and time. This feature requires that the schedule feature is enabled. You should consult your System Administrator before using this feature. Set the hours Choose the in hours destination Choose the outside hours destination Select forwarding options

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