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OfficeTrack Mobile Employees Location Management Solution.

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1 OfficeTrack Mobile Employees Location Management Solution

2 The Need for Location Services Location services and management facilities geared to provide: Efficiency (planning, tracking, reporting and more) Reduced cost (labor, management and more) Online data exchange between field team and headquarters Online and historic locations Alerts and location reports Potential users are companies with field operations, field workforce, sales professionals, vehicles fleet, field equipment and more.

3 Browser tracking of the current geographic location of each handset Online and historic geographic location of each handset Handset location based on Cellular Operator GSM/IDEN network using information provided by the SIM (or direct GPS information from handset as in IDEN) Attendance and task reports management Automatic alerts Built-in reports Structured security, authorization and confidentiality OfficeTrack – The Solution

4 OfficeTrack – The Offer Cost effective service for the business customer based on usage fee per subscribers Increase data income (ARPU) from business customer Powerful LBS platform for the private consumer for LBS services as well Local first line support Management system and billing reports for the service provider operator Optional for web marketing Various royalty sharing models

5 Online Employee Location - Main Screen

6 Reports Generate reports by predefined views Send automatic reports to the customer by email Create reports regarding mobile employee online or historical location The information can be presented on a chart or on the map Generate control reports regarding cell phone status and more Generate task status by employee Generate attendance report per employee Print reports in various formats such as: PDF, HTML, Word, and Excel

7 Attendance Reports Enables the employee and the manager to send attendance reports from the field to the web platform

8 Task Management Easy-to-use task log for streamlined task management

9 Setting up employee tasks including information about customer, required action and more Task displayed on the cellular phone Transmission of task status updates back to the platform Task Management

10 Various Features: Location - Turn server location option on/off Attendance - Sign in/sign out including code reporting Task Management Task approve/start/end Manager Location Query - Manager can view the location of his field team from his/her cellular device Cellular Application

11 At your service …. More available info on our website Please contact us at :

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