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Causes of WW I Mutual Defense Alliances Imperialism Militarism

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1 Causes of WW I Mutual Defense Alliances Imperialism Militarism
Nationalism Immediate Cause: The Assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand

2 The Immediate Cause: Archduke Franz Ferdinand Death
Archduke Franz Ferdinand- from Austria- Hungary 1. Assassinated by a Serbian nationalist 2. Killed in Sarajevo (Bosnia) * Serbia wanted to control Sarajevo 3. Led to countries all throughout Europe to take sides (form Alliances) *** Domino effect by 1914

3 Alliances- The Domino Effect
Alliance- system of backing other countries * forming sides (Protecting each other) Mutual Defense Alliances during 1914 Russia and Serbia Germany and Austria Hungary Britain and France and Belgium Japan and Britain

4 Austria Hungary Declares War
EARLY STEPS TO WW I (Alliances…) *** As a result of the Archduke’s Assassination: Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia Russia defends Serbia 3. Germany declares war on Russia 4. France is drawn in against Germany and Austria Hungary Germany attacks France inside of Belgium Britain is involved to defend Belgium Japan enters in to help Britain

5 The “Isms” Imperialism- Stronger countries taking advantage of weaker ones * Increasing competition * Wanted to grow into huge empires Militarism- Build up and focus on military supplies * Strong Military = Power * Arms Race- gaining weapons Nationalism- Countries being proud of their own way of life (Sense of Identity) * Countries trying to prove their dominance

6 War Breaks Out The Central Powers Germany Austria Hungary Bulgaria
Ottoman Empire (Turkey) *** USA- Neutral at this time Allied Forces France Britain Russia

7 WW I and Trench Warfare Trench Warfare- Fighting a ground war in “trenches” (All about Positioning) 1. Shallow Ditches, tunnels w/ barbed wire 2. Charging other trenches *** Running Across “No Man’s Land” Battle of Verdun- Lasted 10 months 1. Germans lost 400,000 men 2. France lost even more trying to defend territory

8 Why the US entered the War…
German U-Boats would attack any ship that left British ports (Even “Neutral” Ones) 1. Germany attacked the Lusitania * British passenger ship (128 Americans died) * President Wilson is outraged 2. Zimmerman Telegram- Germany trying to get Mexico to wage war on the US * Secret note of Alliance between Germany and Mexico * US saw Germany as a “Trouble Maker” 3. Russia Revolution- Czar Nicholas II loses power and Russia favors a democracy * Wilson supports Russia (Easier to favor Allies)

9 US Enters the War April 2nd 1917- President Wilson went to
Congress to ask for a Declaration of War * Voted 455 to 56 to fight Raising an Army Selective Service Act- Required all men from to register for the military * 18 months- 4 million people joined forces 2. Educated, trained and prepared to fight * All different ethnic groups

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