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World War I The War to End All Wars w-d-HsSsVM.

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1 World War I The War to End All Wars w-d-HsSsVM

2 Essential Question What factors combined to draw the world and ultimately the US into World War I?

3 Causes of WWI in Europe Militarism –Countries in Europe were building massive militaries –Competition for colonies


5 Causes Nationalism –People in Europe were competitive and proud of their nation –Product of close proximity

6 Self Determination –The idea that people who belong to a nation should have their own country –Nation in political science terms refers to ethnicity –Example: Serbs, Bosnians, Croats, and Slovenes

7 The Alliance System

8 –Agreements between countries to treat an attack on one member country like an attack on all –Triple Alliance – Germany, Italy and Austria Hungary –Triple Entente – Great Britain, France and Russia

9 The Spark the Ignites the Powder Keg June 1914, Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated by a Serbian member of the Black Hand 30qs

10 Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia Russia rushes to help Serbia, and Germany helps Austria-Hungary Alliance System goes into effect, almost all of Europe goes to war!

11 Germanys War Plan (Schliefflen Plan) Wanted to Avoid a Two Front War Attack and defeat France First: Then focus on Russia On way to France Germany invades neutral Belgium German advance into France stopped just outside Paris Both sides dig in on the Western Front

12 Causes of WWI List and explain the things that were causes of the conflict Militarism Nationalism Self-determination Alliance system

13 It only takes a spark… Describe the things that were the spark that led to World War I –Franz Ferdinand –Austria Hungary –The Black Hand –Serbia

14 The Domino Effect Explain the beginning of war –Austria Hungary –Serbia –Russia –Germany

15 The US In World War I

16 Essential Question Why was the US unable to maintain a policy of neutrality during World War I? YfB8k

17 US Finds it tough to remain neutral President Wilson wanted to abide by the Monroe Doctrine and remain isolationist US relied on trade with Great Britain German U boats made trade with Great Britain difficult

18 German Aggression May 7, 1915, German U- Boat sinks the British Passenger ship the Lusitania –128 Americans killed Many Americans push for war Germany doesnt want the US in the War Pass the Sussex Pledge –Promise not to sink US ships without warning

19 US Ships going to Great Britain with supplies making it difficult for Germany to win the war Germany sends the Zimmerman telegram to Mexico (January 1917) –Promises to help Mexico get back lost territory if Mexico allies with Germany –Intercepted by the US and leaked to the press



22 US Enters WWI Germany returns to unrestricted submarine warfare April 2, 1917 – US Declares war on Germany

23 The Sides Allied Powers United States Great Britain France Russia Central Powers Germany Austria-Hungary Bulgaria Ottoman Empire

24 Document Based Question T-chart In your groups look through the documents and create a chart listing the evidence for and against going to war Each person must have a chart In the top right hand corner, label your chart with Goal 8.01

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