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Tools Used in Animal Science

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1 Tools Used in Animal Science
Agriscience Applications

2 Poultry Industry A Candling light is used to view the interior of eggs to detect blood spots. "Farmers would bring in eggs in big buckets and we would take the eggs downstairs and 'candle' them -- that is: we'd hold them up to a light to see if they were good eggs or bad eggs and then we'd have to sort them out as to size and color; brown eggs in one place, white eggs in another, and in-between eggs in yet another place. Then they were put into crates and shipped to different parts of the country.” ~Egg Candling Story

3 Tools for Breeding Management
Castration tools are used to prevent male animals from breeding. Burdizzo Castrator Artificial insemination tools include: Artificial vagina to collect semen from the male animal. Insemination straw for the disposition of semen into the female.

4 Tools for Management A dehorner is used to remove horns from cattle.
A rectal thermometer is used to take the temperature of animals. A syringe is used to give injections or to drawl body fluids. A “V” notcher is used to notch the ears of swine for identification.

5 What other tools can you think of?

6 Even More Tools Used in Animal Agriculture...
Agripedia Website- University of KY

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