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Managing Livestock and Poultry. Swine types of housing Pasture or outdoor without climate controlled buildings.

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1 Managing Livestock and Poultry

2 Swine types of housing Pasture or outdoor without climate controlled buildings

3 Swine housing Confinement houses Cold- no heat, are used mainly for finishing hogs Warm-heated, are used mainly for farrowing and young pigs

4 Confinement houses Ventilation is used to control temperature, moisture, odor, and airborne diseases Most NC operations use warm confinement house

5 Confinement houses ig.jpg

6 Location/Equipment Regulations on Farms due to odor Automatic feeding and watering are more expensive, but save on labor Farrowing enterprises require small equipment (castrating knives, ear notchers, and needle teeth clippers)

7 Equipment Needle teeth clippers /farrowing3.html Ear notcher http://www.nationalband. com/nbtpunch.htm

8 Poultry Housing Needs Baby chicks need brooders to provide 90 deg to 95 deg F temperatures under the hover (cover) of the brooder. Temperature is taken about 3 inches off the floor

9 Poultry Housing Needs Temperature is reduced to about 5 degrees F per week until it reaches about 70 deg F A hover guard is used the first week to keep chicks from wandering away from the heat

10 Poultry Housing Needs Broiler and turkey confinement houses usually have dirt floors covered with wood shavings or straw. Lights are on 24 hours a day

11 Poultry Housing Needs Some turkeys are grown on range or outside, but the trend is away from this method because of land requirements, diseases, predators, and weather

12 Turkeys ltry/Turkeys/BRKBBWhite.html

13 Poultry Housing Needs Laying flocks are using confinement houses with wire cages to save space and to have cleaner eggs Artificial light has to be used because of the required 14 hours of light per day. Automatic clocks control the light

14 Layer house

15 Vaccination and Immunization Sanitation and disease control is the most effective preventative method The purpose is to develop immunity or resistance to diseases

16 Vaccination and Immunization New feeder cattle should be vaccinated as soon as they come off the truck at the farm In poultry, flock treatments using medicine in water, by sprays or dusts, cause less stress than individual bird vaccinations

17 Castration Removing testicles of male animals Young- reduces stress Methods Knife Bloodless- Burdizzo castrator crushes cord, elastrator band cuts off blood supply to testicle

18 Castration BurdizzoElastrator

19 Dehorning Removing horns Dehorning young calves causes less shock and is easier to do

20 Methods of dehorning Chemical- liquid, pastes, or caustic sticks are used on horn button Mechanical- after button stage Spoons, gouges, tubes, Barnes type, hot irons, clippers, saws

21 Dehorning nglish/livestock/ beef/facts/87- 038.htm

22 Preventative Maintenance Procedures Sanitation and prevention of diseases are more effective than treating diseases Therefore it is a good idea to isolate new animals

23 Preventative Maintenance Procedures Castration- do at early age to reduce stress on animals and to prevent male animals from breeding Dehorning- do at early age to prevent stress or shock to animals and to prevent injury to cattle, people and facilities by horned cattle

24 Preventative Maintenance Procedures Vaccination- to immunize animals- should be done as early as possible. Individual chicken vaccinations should be avoided if other treatment methods can be used

25 Preventative Maintenance Procedures Clipping needle teeth- done on baby pigs to prevent injury to sow’s teats Fumigating eggs- formaldehyde used to prevent spread of disease from eggs


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