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Housing and Equipment Systems

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1 Housing and Equipment Systems
Objective: Describe the housing and equipment used in the beef, swine and poultry industry.

2 Beef Housing and Equipment
Careful planning of facilities is important to success land requirements location is very important building requirement fence and pen requirement water

3 Beef Housing and Equipment
Wise planning makes handling easier saves labor ensures a safe working environment cost less

4 Beef Housing and Equipment
Types of facilities: Cow-calf facilities require the simplest facilities 1. Confinement barns cold- open on one side warm- closed, insulated and temperature controlled. Most expensive to build

5 Beef Housing and Equipment
2. Open feedlot no buildings windbreak fences and sunshades limited protection 3. Open barn and feedlot open front barn and feedlot provides some protection for animals

6 Beef Housing and Equipment
Open Barn and Feedlot, UC Davis Photo

7 Beef Housing and Equipment
4. Feeding barn and lot Feeding bunks are in the barn offers some protection for cattle protects feed from being damages by the weather

8 Beef Housing and Equipment
Feedlot with a feeding barn

9 Beef Housing and Equipment
Corrals Needed for all types of beef cattle enterprises Holding pen, working chute and headgate easier to handle reduces labor saves time reduces stress safer for the workers and cattle

10 Beef Housing and Equipment
Corral with a loading chute, working chute and squeeze chute

11 Swine Housing and Equipment
Types of Housing: Pasture or range Confinement houses cold- no heat, mainly for finishing operations warm- heated, used for farrowing and young animals

12 Swine Housing and Equipment
Most North Carolina swine farmers use warm confinement houses Ventilation is used to control temperature, moisture, odor and airborne diseases

13 Swine Housing and Equipment
Location: Regulations Odor is the main problem Colorado already has Amendment 14, which regulates odor at the property boundary of a swine farm Missouri has regulations for odor on large farms and has required that these farms develop odor-control plans

14 Swine Housing and Equipment
Automatic feeding and watering more expensive requires less labor Hand watering and feeding low cost requires more labor

15 Swine Housing and Equipment
Farrowing enterprises require small equipment castrating knives ear notchers teeth clippers

16 Swine Housing and Equipment

17 Swine Housing and Equipment

18 Swine Equipment and Housing

19 Poultry Housing and Equipment
Facilities Range Confinement housing Confinement has become more popular because it reduces: land requirements diseases predators protects from weather

20 Poultry Housing and Equipment
In recent, most poultry operation are confinement type houses with: automatic waters automatic feeding artificial lighting artificial ventilation

21 Poultry Housing and Equipment
Brooding: 90 to 95 degrees F Temperature taken 3 feet off the floor Temperature reduced 5 degrees per week Temperature no lower than 70 degrees F Hover guards keep chicks from wondering away

22 Poultry Housing and Equipment
Broiler and turkey houses: used for meat type animals dirt floors covered with litter wood shavings newspaper straw lights are on 24 hours per day

23 Poultry Housing and Equipment
Laying houses Confinement with wire cages saves space cleaner eggs Artificial lights automatic timer 14 hours of light per day

24 Poultry Housing and Equipment

25 Poultry Housing and Equipment

26 Poultry Housing and Equipment

27 Poultry Housing and Equipment

28 Poultry Housing and Equipment

29 Poultry Housing and Equipment

30 Poultry Housing Bio-security

31 Poultry Housing and Equipment

32 Poultry Housing and Equipment

33 Poultry Housing and Equipment

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