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Agriscience Applications

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1 Agriscience Applications
Animal Science Agriscience Applications

2 Objective Investigate careers related to the field of animal science

3 Careers in Agriscience
Most entry-level jobs require a high school diploma 20% require college degrees Some careers require advanced degrees Veterinarian Highly technical task (embryo transfer) High school agriculture class is a good start

4 Veterinarian

5 Embryo Transfer Technicians

6 Objective Examine tools related to the animal science industry

7 Animal Science Tools Candling Light Castration tools
View the interior of eggs Castration tools Burdizzo Castrator Artificial Insemination Artificial vagina to collect semen Insemination straw for the disposition of semen into the female

8 Egg Candling

9 Egg Candling

10 Semen Collection

11 Ear Notching

12 Animal Science Tools Management tools Dehorner Rectal thermometer
Syringe for injections “V” notcher for identification of swine

13 Animal Science Tools                              

14 Objective Analyze the various breeds of beef, swine and poultry as related to use and the economic value of each

15 Beef Breeds English Breeds (European, Bos taurus)
Angus- black breed with excellent meat quality Hereford- red with a white face Shorthorn- used in the bloodline of more than 30 other breeds

16 Angus

17 Beef Breeds Exotic Breeds (India, Bos indicus)
Grow faster than English breeds Leaner meat Brahman, BeefMaster, Brangus

18 Brahman

19 Beef Breeds Breeds in America have been developed by crossing (breeding) English and Exotic Breeds from India Resulted in: Increased heat tolerance Parasite (worms, lice) resistance Resist disease

20 Dairy Breeds Holstein 90% of the dairy cattle in the US
Black and white Leading producer of milk Produce about 18,000 lbs. Of milk per cow per year

21 Dairy Breeds Other Breeds Guernsey- fawn and white
Jersey- cream to light fawn to almost black Number one in milk fat Ayrshire-cherry red and white Brown Swiss- solid brown

22 Holstein

23 Jersey

24 Swine and Poultry Breeds
Objective: Analyze the difference between swine and poultry

25 Swine Breeds American Landrace Duroc Chester White Hampshire Yorkshire

26 American Landrace

27 Duroc

28 Chester White

29 Hampshire

30 Yorkshire

31 Swine Industry The swine industry has changed from the lard type hog to a lean type demanded by consumers today Types of operations: Feeder-pig Market-hog Farrow to Finish


33 Swine Industry Purebred producers produce high quality boars:
Improves the genetic make-up Purebreds are crossed with regular sows to increase hybrid vigor

34 Poultry Production Classified as:
Broilers Layers egg producers White Leghorn are used mostly for egg production

35 White Leghorn Rooster

36 Poultry Industry Another Class of Chicken is the Bantam
Miniature versions of standard breeds Primarily for show 90% of the turkeys grown are broad breasted whites

37 Poultry Industry Dutch Bantam Chicken

38 Pop-Quiz Provide an explanation for the term “farrow.”
What is the breed of cattle that leads in milk production? What breed of cattle is know for producing the most milk fat? What is the most common breed of laying chicken? Describe the term “hybrid vigor.”

39 Animal Nutrition Objective: Determine the nutritional requirements for livestock and poultry breeds found in North Carolina

40 Major Nutrients Water Protein Carbohydrates Minerals Vitamins
Fats and Oils

41 Water Largest component of all living things
Animals tissue is about 75% Regulates body temperature Perspiration Transports nutrients Involved in all biochemical reactions                           

42 Proteins Major component of muscles and tissues Made up of amino acids
Continuously needed to replace dying body cells Young animals need large amounts for growth

43 Carbohydrates Composed of sugar and starches Provide energy and heat
Make up 75% of most animal rations Main source: Corn Cereal grains

44 Minerals 15 essential minerals: Minerals are supplied by:
Calcium, phosphorus, sodium, etc. Example: calcium is needed in poultry for eggshell development Minerals are supplied by: Naturally Mineral supplements Mineral (lick) blocks

45 Vitamins Needed in small quantities
Need for vitamins varies from species to species Sources: Naturally found in feed Feed additives made from animal by-products Made by the body itself

46 Fats and Oils Only needed in small amounts Improves:
Flavor Palatability Texture Increases fattening and milk production Carriers of some vitamins

47 Classes of Feed Concentrates Roughages (high fiber) Low in fiber
Cereal grains Animal and Plant by-products Roughages (high fiber) Dry roughage is hay Green roughage includes pastures Silage is roughage fermented from green chop

48 TDN Total Digestible Nutrients Concentrates are high in TDN
Roughages are low in TDN

49 Assignment Read pages 484 to 499
Complete Self Evaluation page 499 and page 500 Complete both section A and B

50 Animal Digestive Systems
Objective: Compare animal digestive systems of beef, swine, and poultry

51 Ruminant Digestive System
Ruminants Ruminant Digestive System

52 Ruminants Cattle, sheep, goats, deer
Four compartments to their stomach Can eat more roughage in their diet Grass Hay Silage Green Chop

53 Simple Digestive System
Monogastric Simple Digestive System

54 Monogastric Swine, horses, rabbits, humans Stomach has one compartment
Rations must be high in concentrates Grains Corn Animals can not digest large amounts of fiber or roughage

55 Poultry                                    Chickens Turkeys Ducks Geese

56 Poultry No true stomach Can not store large amounts of food
Birds do not have teeth for chewing Food is swallowed whole Stored in crop Ground up in the gizzard

57 Pop Quiz Provide an explanation for the term “farrow.”
What is the breed of cattle that leads in milk production? What breed of cattle is know for producing the most milk fat? What is the most common breed of laying chicken? Describe the term “hybrid vigor.”

58 Pop Quiz What nutrient is responsible for muscle growth?
What nutrient makes up 75% of most animals body? What nutrient is made of sugar and starches? What nutrient carries fat soluble vitamins? What type of animal has four compartments to it’s stomach.

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