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MIT Tata Center for Technology & Design Overview 2014 Call for Proposals Information Session

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1 MIT Tata Center for Technology & Design Overview 2014 Call for Proposals Information Session

2 Tata Center Overview Design in context of developing world Not necessarily Bottom of the Pyramid Window for graduate students and faculty Students spend time in India Develop technologically sophisticated products & services Shovel ready thesis No studies per se, rather projects with connections to designs/ implementation Commercial or government implementation is the goal 2

3 Tata Center Key Data 47 Graduate Student Tata Fellows 30 Faculty representing 20 Departments/ Programs 7 Postdocs & 6 Staff 25 current projects in 5 focus areas Projects can be single or multi-student 3 Health Energy Water Agriculture Housing/Infrastructure

4 What is a Tata Center project? Mitigates the constraints associated with the developing world Scale Cost Infrastructure Dependency Access to Energy, Water, etc. Develops solutions needed by the developing world that wouldnt otherwise become available Informed through close interactions with Indian communities, business and government Embodied in a thesis that provides the basis for new product or system in the developing world 4

5 Katy Olesavanage Video 5 Single Student Project Example: Prosthetic Foot Development

6 Multi-Student Project: Ad hoc Electric Grid Architecture for Universal Access Develop a technology platform for electricity delivery Peer-to-peer transactions mediated primarily by distributed intelligence An intelligent point-of-connection in place of current power electronics 6 Electrification market analysis and design & construct GIS model Y. Borofsky (DUSP) I. Perez-Arriaga (ESD) Systems level design & analysis of proposed electrification scheme D. Ellman (TPP) I. Perez-Arriaga (ESD) Distributed control algorithm (software) for electricity distribution D. Strawser (ME/Aero) B. Williams (Aero) Power electronics design/construct, point of connection (hardware) W. Inam (EECS) D. Perrault (EECS) Principal Investigator/Project Coordinator: Rajeev Ram (EECS) Post Doctoral Fellow: Reja Amatya (MITEI)

7 Learning on the ground…..visits to energy service providers in India 7 Mera Gao Power (MGP): DC micro grid operator OMC Power: Anchor customer (Telecom tower) Husk Power: AC mini-grid operator Selco: Solar Home System

8 Tata Fellowship Admitted by an MIT department, then apply to Tata Center 2 years stipend, tuition & research budget support Develop stakeholder-driven technical & business model solutions for the resource constrained Indian environment, but with focus on wider applicability Integrates with department degree requirements Significant travel to India: 6 week summer, 2 week IAP Requires participation in the Tata Seminar (15.s17, 6 credits first fall/spring, 3 credits 2 nd year onwards) 8

9 RFP Details Open to all MIT community members with PI status Focus on solving concrete challenges in India! Require technology or business model development/application Preference given to Tata focus areas, other areas considered - Energy- Water- Housing/Infrastructure - Health Care- Agriculture- Waste Explain relevance of fieldwork in India & timeline to completion PIs are strongly encouraged to actively participate in India 9

10 RFP Awards Awards consist of full 2-year fellowship for each student 2 nd year award is contingent on student progress at the end of the 1 st year $25,000 in funds per student per year to PI for use on the project or related activities Equipment budget of up to $25,000 per project Must be specified in the proposal One time award per project Funds for students/PIs to travel to India as needed 10

11 Proposal Guidelines Submission Requirements Cover page Project Title Name, title, department of PI, Co-PI, investigators Phone, address of primary contact Number of Full-time Graduate Students Requested Equipment Funds Requested Abstract Brief description of problem/goals to be addressed Applications should be submitted online. URL will be announced when the RFP is formally released on Dec. 13,

12 RFP Process & Timing Optional 1-page abstract Submit by:Monday, January 6, Feedback by:Monday, January 20, 2014 Full Release RFP:Friday, December 13, 2014 Proposal Deadline:Monday, Feb. 17, 2014 Awards Announced:Monday, March 3, 2014 Fellowship Nominations:no later than May 31, 2014 Project Start Date:June 1, 2014 (or later) 12

13 For more information contact: Dr. Rich Roth, Executive Director | Patricia Reilly, Assistant Director | Dr. Rob Stoner, Co-Director | Professor Charlie Fine, Co-Director |

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