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Addressing the heart of poverty

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1 Addressing the heart of poverty
Through experiential education Addressing the heart of poverty

2 background 5th Year Associate Director of the Center for Social Notre Dame Direct Urban Plunge Co-Direct Minor in Catholic Social Tradition Teach CBL course: Poverty & Politics Worked in Chicago & DC beforehand Connect the 2 Feet: Need both

3 Center for Social Concerns
26 years: “learning becomes service to justice” Facilitates community-based learning, research & service thru CST Over 15,000 participants in seminars

4 Goal Through experiential education, assist students in developing proposed solutions to the systemic problems of poverty

5 Objectives for workshop
Provide a replicable model of community-based learning in higher education Provide a mechanism to engage alumni networks in summer internships Engage creativity in more deeply engaging non-profits

6 Mechanisms for Addressing poverty
Community-based learning & research Community Partners Summer Internships Alumni Networks

7 Seminars addressing Poverty
Poverty & Politics – 3 credit Over 20 courses internal - 1 credit Urban Plunge Appalachia Children & Poverty Border Issues Around 100 cbl across curriculum – 3 credit Summer Service courses – 3 credit

8 Poverty & Politics Why so many poor in the U.S.? Why care?
Seek solutions to causes of poverty Interdisciplinary: humanities, arts, social sciences Team taught; focus on developing oral skills Students participate weekly in 1 of 4 non-profits addressing poverty Community-based learning coordinators

9 Community-Based Learning Coordinators
6 in local partner agencies AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist Center for the Homeless La Casa de Amistad Logan Center Robinson Community Learning Center Sr. Maura Brannick Clinic Pay part of their salary: depending on volume of students Help students find placements w/ agencies Meet needs of students & agencies Assist faculty in creating cbl opportunities Individual & course-related placements Trying to develop courses & research out of agency needs

10 Summer service learning program
8 week service learning course Over 240 students to over 110 sites nationally 3 credit & $2,300 tuition credit Funded through alumni clubs: alumni contact Orientation/Spring; Reading & Writing w/ Immersion/Summer; Follow-up Session/Fall

11 International SSLP 8 week summer service learning course
42 students in 12 countries in so. Hemisphere 3 credit & $1000 stipend; travel covered

12 Questions What models are you using to address poverty through experiential education? Are there similarities or differences?

13 Discussion What did you hear at your tables?
What further questions did you have?

14 Thanks

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