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1 Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R): FY 13 Contract Renewal Proposal Summary Presentation January 2012.

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1 1 Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R): FY 13 Contract Renewal Proposal Summary Presentation January 2012

2 Current CCR&R Contract: Totals $5.4 M per year Put out to bid in 2009 for July FY 10 Start 20 bidders responded (14 CCR&Rs and 6 other bidders.) 11 CCRR&Rs were selected. Contract is for 3 years with 2 one-year options to renew. Current 11 CCR&Rs offer varying levels of service: Level One: Voucher Management (9 CCR&Rs) Level Two: Information and Referral (8 CCR&Rs) Level Three: Consumer Education (2 CCR&Rs) 2

3 Current CCR&R Contractors, Regions and Contract Levels: 3

4 Indicators of the Need for CCR&R Reform: Over the past year, EEC has received input from a variety of sources that point to a need for reform of our CCR&R System. These sources include: MA Legislature, via EEC Budget Language, The June 2011 CAYL Study Circle Report The January 2012 Findings of the SAC Family Needs Assessment The January 2012 National Child Care Resource and Referral Association (NACCRRA) Plan for Massachusetts Findings and Recommendations. CCR&Rs themselves 4

5 Indicators of the Need for Reform: A Summary of Findings The findings outlined above, when taken together, point to a need for the following reforms in CCR&R services: Standardization of CCR&R services across all contracts, Increased use of technology and unified data systems, Streamlined and/or centralized voucher management, Increased access to information for all families, subsidized or not, on early education options and quality - including the QRIS, Clarification around the training and technical assistance role of the CCR&Rs, Alignment with national best practice and CCR&R quality assurance. 5

6 EEC Recommendations: In order to continue to develop CCR&R services as an integrated part of EECs service delivery system as outlined in the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant and to respond to the findings summarized above, EEC offers the following course of action for CCR&R contracts in FY 13…. 6

7 EEC Proposal for FY13 CCR&R Contracts: 1. Current Level One and Two contracts will be renewed for 6 months in FY 13 (July 1 – December 31, 2012.) 2. Level Three contracts will not be continued into FY 13. These funds will be transitioned to support the Brain Building in Progress Campaign. 3. A RFR will be developed for contracting for a newly designed and standardized set of CCR&R services that will start in January 2013. 4. To design this new role, EEC will hire a management consultant in FY 12. The management consultant will incorporate input from families and current CCR&Rs as they develop a standard set of policies, procedures and protocols to be used by all CCR&Rs. Once the development of the standard protocols is complete, the management consultant could remain in an oversight capacity to ensure that CCR&Rs perform as required/defined. 7

8 EEC Proposal for FY13 CCR&R Contracts: The standard protocols developed by the Management Consultant will include specific expectations regarding the following: Use of technology: required systems for all CCR&Rs. Voucher Management: requirements related to outpost locations, response times, monitoring and alignment with contracted providers, DTA and MASS211. Information and Referral: requirements for effectively serving all families in the Commonwealth. Provider Training: requirements related to workshop offerings, focus on health and safety, support of new applicants for licensure and alignment with EPS grantee offerings. Customer Service: Requirements related to NACCRRA Quality Assurance and customer satisfaction. Consumer Education: requirements related to specific avenues for information distribution, topics and alignment with Brain Building in Progress and MASS211. 8

9 Proposed Timeline in 4 Phases: Phase One: Information Gathering/Visioning December 11 - February 2012 Board to review plans with CCR&R input. Letter to all CCR&Rs outlining the plans for FY 13 contracts. RFR Posted for hiring of management consultant. Phase Two: Planning March – June 2012 Management Consultant will develop standard policies, procedures and protocols by June 30. Phase Three: Re-contracting July - September EEC will develop an RFR that reflects the protocols and post as an open bid for CCR&R Services. Contract awards will be announced by Sept. 15, 2012 Phase Four: Transition to new CCR&R model. Oct. – Dec. New CCR&R contracts start: January 1, 2013. 9

10 Implications/ Issues For Consideration: Role of the CCR&Rs: The goal of this process is not to eliminate CCR&Rs but to instead to redefine their role and to align their work with that of other EEC initiatives and Race to the Top Plans. It is expected that the role of CCR&Rs will move away from service delivery and more toward sharing of information. Information Technology: this timeline assumes smooth roll-out of the integrated voucher reassessment system in February that will allow for contracted programs to renew vouchers themselves. Delays in implementation of this system may result in delays in the implementation of the CCR&R re-bid as plans will assume this system to be in place. The significant decrease in voucher reassessment workload by CCR&Rs will allow for reallocation of CCR&R staff time to other initiatives. Funding: For planning purposes, EEC anticipates maintenance level of $5.4M in FY13 for all child care resource and referral related activities. Timing: January start date for new contracts is planned to minimize impact of any changes on families. 10

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