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Bernie Engel, Professor and Head Agricultural and Biological Engineering 1 March 25, 2014.

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1 Bernie Engel, Professor and Head Agricultural and Biological Engineering 1 March 25, 2014

2 Klod Kokini Associate Dean for Academic Affairs College of Engineering Professor of Mechanical Engineering 2 Future Faculty Workshop Purdue March 10, 2014

3 What do faculty do? o Research (discovery) o Teaching (learning) o Service (engagement) o Understand expectations in each of these o Understand these expectations within your culture (Department and College)

4 Research (Discovery) o Quality and impact o Refereed papers High quality journals Refereed conferences o Mentoring graduate students (in particular PhD students) and post docs o Funding to support your research o Presentation at conferences (networking)

5 Teaching (Learning) o Good teaching at all levels (undergraduate and graduate) is required o Measured by student evaluations o Other measurements options include peer evaluations o Take advantage of teaching/learning workshops o Advising/mentoring undergraduates

6 Service (Engagement) o Department, college, university committees o Usually these are reduced and/or strategic at the beginning o Professional organizations: very important to connect through review panels, committee work, session organization, ultimately leading to becoming Associate Editor, Conference Chair, etc. o Extend information/findings to audiences beyond university o However…be selective and strategic!

7 Other Expectations o Collegiality o Entrepreneurial o Problem solver

8 Strategic Plan o Know strategic plan of University, College/School, Department o Identify metrics that relate to you and your goals o Align your activities

9 Research on Quick Starter Faculty (R. Boice, 2000) o 95% of new faculty meet or exceed expectations in 4-5 years o 5% do it in 2 years…How? Writing papers and proposals regularly Spending right amount of time, but not over prepare for teaching Network, socialize with colleagues, internally and externally Set clear goals and plans – write them down

10 Annual Performance Review o Obtain copy of annual performance review guidelines o Common items Goals Teaching; evidence of teaching/learning effectiveness Scholarly publications Grantsmanship Graduate students and post docs mentored Presentations Awards Engagement Citizenship/collegiality Teamwork

11 Faculty Orientation Essentials o Annual faculty expectations o Guidelines for promotion and/or tenure o Format for promotion and/or tenure document o Guidelines for evaluation of teaching o Development plan moving toward promotion and/or tenure o Mentoring plan

12 Understanding P&T o What are the criteria? o How is annual review with head different than promotion and/or tenure review? Frequency Evaluators Third year review

13 Some suggestions as you start 13 o Understand process and requirements for success very early on o Seek advice and mentoring from technical mentors as well as non-technical colleagues o You have 5 years (without any tenure clock extensions) to showcase your excellence o Quality and impact (not necessarily quantity) are key o Ask (demand) for feedback (preferably in writing) at least once a year from head (chair)

14 Faculty Career Progress 14 o Assistant Professor..contract review in the 2nd/3rd year o Mentoring and feedback are critical starting day one o Nomination to Associate Professor with tenure no later than the beginning of the 6th academic year o No time limit for nomination to Full Professor... typically within 5-6 years from promotion to Associate Professor o Named/Distinguished Professor o Administrative or other paths

15 Some Helpful Resources/Policies 15 o Ask about any mentoring practices and policies (e.g. formal mentoring in CoE) o Tenure clock extension policy o Family leave policy o Purdue Teaching Academy, Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE) (or other teaching/learning resources) o Child care (including infant care) availability o ADVANCE Programs o Butler Center for Leadership Excellence

16 Resources/Policies (contd) o Ask about any other helpful practices and policies in your college (e.g. Flexible Workload Policy in CoE) o Ask about activities that may help you get involved (e.g. Womens Faculty Committees, Diversity Action Committees), but be strategic o Take advantage of programs for new faculty; University: grant writing workshops, orientation programs, College: new faculty learning communities, Department: business office, graduate office 16

17 Questions?

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