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AP STEM Access Program Orientation Information Session.

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1 AP STEM Access Program Orientation Information Session

2 Program Overview Collaborative Objectives Schools Invited to Participate Benefits to Schools School Commitment Expectations of Teachers Key Dates FAQs Your Questions Agenda 2

3 On December 4: Google,, and the College Board publicly announced the launch of the AP STEM Access program. Program Partners and Roles: Program Overview 3 Google $5 million grant to Global Impact Awards Will use their grant to start 500 AP STEM courses Teachers will use platform to request classroom materials The College Board Will assist in the implementation of the program Acts as primary contact for schools and teachers

4 Program Overview 4 Goal To increase the number of traditionally underrepresented minority and female high school students who participate in Advanced Placement ® courses in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines. Goal To start 500 new AP math and science courses in fall 2013 with a minimum of 10 students in each

5 Program Overview: AP STEM Courses 5 Course Number of Exam-takers in 2012 1. Calculus AB266,994 2. Biology191,773 3. Statistics153,859 4. Chemistry132,425 5. Environmental Science108,839 6. Calculus BC94,403 7. Physics B80,584 8. Physics C: Mechanics38,630 9. Computer Science A26,103 10. Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism17,380 Learn more about these courses:

6 Increase participation of underrepresented students in AP STEM courses. Establish processes for identifying students with potential to be successful in AP. Create awareness of AP courses and encourage enrollment. Increase teacher capacity to offer AP STEM courses at school. Collaborative Objectives 6

7 Public high schools in the U.S. Have underrepresented students with high potential to be successful in college-level AP STEM courses as indicated on their PSAT/NMSQT that are not currently offered. Serve communities with a median household income of $100,000 or less and/or 40% or more students qualifying for free or reduced-price school meals. Schools Invited to Participate 10+ minority* students and/or 25+ female students (*African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Hispanic/Latino students) 7

8 1.Start-up funding for new AP STEM course(s) 2.Scholarships for AP Teacher Professional Development 3.Classroom resources for ALL STEM teachers at school that increase diversity and enable excellence Benefits to Schools 8 BENEFITS TO SCHOOL 1.New AP course(s) has minimum class size of 10 and is offered for minimum of 3 years 2.Minority and female students with high AP Potential (60%+) are invited to enroll first, then others 3.Students are encouraged to enroll through outreach and info sessions 4.Real effort is made to increase diversity across all AP STEM subjects (+5 minority or female students) SCHOOL COMMITMENT

9 Benefits for School 1. START-UP FUNDING FOR NEW AP STEM COURSE gift card to purchase textbooks and classroom materials for new AP STEM course with 10 student class-size minimum ($1,200-$9,000 depending on course based on materials needed and estimated costs) Teachers will receive a Start-Up Packet with details after MOU is returned Benefits to Schools 9 CourseTotal Biology$7,840 Chemistry$9,000 Environmental Science$7,100 Physics B$8,000 Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism$6,100 Physics C: Mechanics$6,100 Calculus AB$3,200 Calculus BC$3,200 Computer Science A$1,200 Statistics$3,200

10 Benefits for School 2. SCHOLARSHIPS FOR NEW AP TEACHER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Tuition for a teacher to attend an AP Summer Institute 4-5 day workshop ($400-$1,416 depending on the Institute selected) Teachers will sign a Letter of Commitment (that they will attend the PD) and will select an APSI and register. APSI will receive tuition funding directly from AP STEM Access Program. School must cover travel and other expenses Benefits to Schools 10

11 Benefits for School 3. CLASSROOM RESOURCES FOR ALL AP STEM TEACHERS AT SCHOOL THAT INCREASE DIVERSITY AND ENABLE EXCELLENCE All AP STEM teachers are eligible for $100 gift cards for each 3, 4, or 5 their students receive on the AP Exam in May 2014, if they increase diversity in classroom by 5 students. They receive the $100 for any student that gets a 3, 4, 5 (not just underrepresented students) Benefits to Schools 11

12 School Commitment Join program by completing requested program paperwork Select AP STEM course(s) that will be started; select teacher(s) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Teacher(s) Letter of Commitment Identify academically prepared students Use 2012 AP Potential data to identify students with a 60% likelihood of success in your new AP STEM course Recruit underrepresented students AP information session Parent outreach Letter to all identified underrepresented students Start course in fall 2013 and offer for minimum of 3 years Complete annual survey 12

13 Memorandum of Understanding Sign and return to the regional College Board office by March 28, 2013 Provides details of the program and specifies the responsibilities of the partners of the initiative School Commitment Memorandum of Understanding 13

14 Signing in to AP Potential

15 Expectations of Teachers Sign and return Teacher Letter of Commitment to regional College Board office by March 28, 2013 Register for an AP Summer Institute and a webinar by March 28, 2013 Create a project on and use your gift card to order textbooks and supplies needed to start the new AP course Submit a syllabus for the new course for the AP Course Audit 15

16 Key Dates Between March 2013 and January 2014 Teacher(s) submit Course Audit materials for new course(s) Key Dates Your regional College Board office will begin distributing necessary paperwork and school packet materials No later than Friday, March 28, 2013 Return your signed Memorandum of Understanding and Teacher Letter of Commitment No later than Thursday, March 28, 2013 Teacher(s) register for an AP Summer Institute and webinar 16 Between Spring and Summer 2013 Teacher(s) order textbooks and supplies on Summer 2014 Complete annual survey

17 Questions? Email: Visit: Questions?

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