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JCM Annual Meeting 2010 JCM. Agenda President Report Life Members 2009 & 2010 JCM Donors 2010 Secretary Report Treasurer Report Committee Report – JCM.

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1 JCM Annual Meeting 2010 JCM

2 Agenda President Report Life Members 2009 & 2010 JCM Donors 2010 Secretary Report Treasurer Report Committee Report – JCM Chaitya Paripathi Committee Report – JCM Picnic/Camping Pathshala Report Youth Activities Report Webmaster Report 2011 suggestions Questions?

3 JCM President Report HSMN Partnership: Donations, Jain Activities at the Temple, Calendar support Interaction with Other Organizations: JAINA-Donation for Jivdaya, Donation to Jaina Education & Library, Directory interface for JAINS Calendar, Virchand Gandhi Stamp Support, JAINA Convention in July 2011 Lessons Learned in 2010: Involve Jain Community in activities for social interaction Communication Member desire for Jain learning- Swadhayayas Children/youth activities and encouragement Future Roadmap: Community participation in activities on regular basis Bonding of members/youth through more social and religious events Youth activities and education Interaction in social services with community at large

4 JCM Life Members 2009 & 2010 Life Members in 2009 Life Members in 2010 Amit & Shaily Jain Ankit & Jeenal Shah Ashok & Varsha Jain Archana Dalal & Bijal Shah Bhavesh & Sweta Bhakta Bhadresh & Smita Sutaria Bhavin & Bindya Shah Hiren & Sonal Shah Bhupesh & Sikha Jain Jignesh & Ami Shah Gaurang Shah & Kanan Dedhia Ketan & Swati Mehta Kalpesh Avlani Mayur Ramesh Shah Ketan R. Gada Ronak & Hetal Shah Kirit & Donna Mody Sachin & Shubha Jain Krishna & Kesari Jain Sanjay & Mitradevi Singhvi Manish & Veena Gandhi Sonal & Sunil Parekh Pragnesh & Premlata Mehta (Nikunj Somia and Hemalini Mehta) Ujjwal & Rakhi Jain Nirav & Nehal Sheth Vinod & Kalpana Jain Parthiv & Hiral Shah Bharat & Shreya Shah Prateek & Dipali Gandhi Rajnikant & Bharati Mehta Rajpal & Seema Jain Rakesh & Payal Ghala Ritesh & Krupali Punamiya Sahil & Swapna Mehta Satish & Chhaya Shah (Pratik/Birwa Shah) Suryakant & Kokila Mody Thomas & Lisa Norton Vishant & Emily Shah Sandip & Jagruti Bhakta

5 JCM $1501-$2000$501-$800$301-$500 Bhavin & Bindya Shah Neerav/Rajpal/Ashok Jain Bhadresh & Smita Sutaria $1001 -$1500Gautam & Tejal ShahAshok & Varsha Jain Dharmesh & Manisha Shah Hiren/Vinodbhai/ Anilaben Shah Bharat & Sudha Kothari Sahil & Swapna MehtaHitesh & Neha DesaiBhupesh & Shikha Jain $801-$1000Dr. Tushar & Purvi VoraJignesh & Ami Shah Archana & Bijal ShahParthiv & Hiral ShahNayan Shah Javnika ShahRajeev & Kavita JainPankaj & Alka Jain Ketan MehtaVinod & Kalpna JainPiyush & Pooja Jain Ram & Neena Gada $301-$500 Raj & Seema Jain Ritesh & Krupali PunamiyaAnand & Chhayaben Doshi Saurabh & Shipra Jain Sachin & Mona ShahAmit & Shaily JainSachin & Shubha Jain Satish & Chhaya ShahAnkit & Jeenal Shah Ronak & Hetal Shah Sonal & Sunil Parekh Utpal & Shreya Shah JCM Donors for 2010

6 JCM $101-$300$52-$100$51 and Under Dilip & Meena DesaiBimal & Hemali ShahUma Prasangi Gaurang & Kanan ShahHardik ShahRasik Shah Harsh JainJagat DhalgaraShanti Shah Jitendra DhalgaraSandip JainShrenik Savani Kalpesh Avlani $51 and Under Sonam Shah Manish & Veena GandhiAyush JainSwati Shah Mayur Ramesh ShahDharam & Kapila BobraTapan Shah Panna Lal Bafna Dharnendra & Purnima ShahRamnik & Sushila Shah Pratik & Deepali GandhiManish Kothari Sanjay SinghviMohit Singhi Sunil & Priya BafnaNavil & Prachi Gada Tilak & Manjula DedhiaNeerav Jain Ujjwal JainPrateek Gangwal Vinit GandhiRajkumar Jain JCM Donors for 2010

7 JCM Secretary Report Our strategy for overall JCM progress has been -> 3C - Communicate, Connect, Construct Communicate: Usage of online web forms for event communication which eases sangh members effort to respond for an event RSVP or Sponsorships. Data is gathered automatically in excel, which is referred by executive committee or host without delays New website implemented this year with great look & feel. JCM pooja calendar, upcoming/past events, Kids activities and other Jainism information hosted and updated regularly. More details in Webmaster report Connect: JCM is now on Facebook giving all jain families in twin cities ability to connect and know each other more socially Chicago and Milwaukee sangh secretary will like to connect with JCM sangh members via Facebook

8 JCM Secretary Report Construct: JCM Zones – Distribute Jain families in twin cities in different zones based on neighboring suburbs. Give venue to jain families in a zone for bi-weekly satsang/etc. Initiative is still in planning phase JCM Directory – Make all Jain families information handy to sangh members. Informative Jainism articles, JCM history information, etc will also published in the directory

9 JCM Treasurer Report Financial Report for 2010 (Jan 1, 2010 - Dec 4, 2010) Bank Accounts Opening Balance Checking-TCF $75,183.61 Scudder (Jan 09) $29,210.89 Temple Fund-TCF $101,862.50 Closing Balance(12/2009)$206,257.00 Balance (Dec 4, 2010) Checking-TCF$83,786.79 Scudder (Oct 2010)$29,213.44 Temple Fund-TCF$101,862.50 Total Current Balance$214,862.73

10 JCM Treasurer Report Income Expense 2009 Pending Recd170.00 Admin Expense (Website)95.76 Memberships (13Life) 4,471.00 Mahavir Jayanti Expense1,061.86 Mahavir Jayanti 4,350.00 HSMN Donation4,000.00 Chaitya Paripati 5,060.00 Donation check to Chicago Center 501.00 Dhaja Event 2,041.00 Donation check to Milwaukee Center 301.00 Picnic Collection 42.00 JAINA Donation1,250.00 Swapna Celebration 7,888.00 Chaitya Paripati Expense7,338.77 Jiv Daya 663.00 Dhaja Expense57.87 Kshamavani Swamivatsalya 2,388.00 Picnic Expense1,890.16 Miscellaneous Donation 462.00 Paryushan Expense416.35 Aarti Collection 74.00 Kshamavani Expense734.73 2010 Income (with Pending Amount) 27,609.00 Pathshala Expense193.00 Total Pending-2010 pledges2,113.00 Pratishta DVDs270.00 Miscellaneous Expense85.59 Net Collection 25,496.00 Total Expenses 18,196.0 9 Net Income7,299.91

11 JCM Donations by JCM in 2010 Donation to Chicago Center$501.00 6,052.00 Donation check to Milwaukee Center$301.00 MJ Hindu Society of MN$2,500.00 HSMN (Dhaja Event)$500.00 HSMN (Yearly Donation)$1,000.00 JAINA (Jiv Daya)$800.00 JAINA (Education)$250.00 JivDaya Publication$200.00 Treasurer Report

12 JCM JCM Chaitya Paripathi 1 st time in JCM history to go for Chicago & Milwaukee Yatra 40+ Adults participation Sponsored by JCM – (received donation from members too) Well planned event with successful execution Excellent hospitality and Sadharmik Bhakti by Mahendra/Kusum Shah to JCM Strong bonding among JCM members Found young and enthusiastic JCM volunteers hence bright future for JCM

13 JCM JCM Picnic/Camping This was the first time Jain Center of Minnesota added camping with the annual picnic event. Annual picnic is the platform where Jain community in Minnesota comes together to socialize & connect. Camping was added to take this idea further to reinforce the bonding. We chose Lake Rebecca Park due to ease of access from the Twin cities and variety of activities support by the park. There were about 40 families who attended picnic and about 12 families stayed back for the camping. JCM committee prepared the hot & delicious food for the picnic. There were various activities arranged for all ages by the JCM. Picnic was followed by group camping. During campfire kids and adults had smores and played many games including bollywood & jain anatakshari. Next morning JCM committee prepared & served hot tea & breakfast. Few did hiking to explore the park and few did geocaching. Weather on both the days was like a perfect Minnesotan summer day. It turned out to be a successful event. We did get good feedback from many members and some of them were first time campers. Some of the suggestion we received are as follows: 1.Camping to be a 2 days event and choose camping venue farther away from Twin cities. There are many beautiful state parks with group camping option are available 2. Picnic & Camping to be a separate events 3. Choose dates to avoid overlap with any other Indian organization events. I think Gujarati Samaj had their camping event same days as JCM

14 JCM Pathshala Report Participation increasing Will have Pathshala syllabus according to JAINA guidelines Emphasis on kids attendance Encourage kids to take vow based on Jain principle

15 JCM Youth Activities Report Actively worked on preparation & direction of Jain Skit on Mahaveer Janam divas in April'10 Created & Published Kids Activity Card in Sep10 »To create awareness and educate upcoming generations with Jain rituals and philosophy »To practise jain discipline through daily,weekly and monthly activities »To motivate kids towards jain way and their importance in our life Kudos to September month winner – Janvi Shah (Shreya and Utpal Shah) Actively participated in JCM activities throughout the Year like Snatra Poojas, Chaitya Paripathi, Camping and other JCM events

16 JCM Webmaster Report We re-designed the temple website using Content Management System (Launched on 14 th July, 2010) Advantages of using CMS: Consistent layout throughout the site Easier to change the content User friendly interface Statistics: Unique Visitors = 777 Total Page Views = 4700 Avg. time a visitor spends on the website = 3.11 minutes Popular Pages = home page, upcoming events, 2010 events calendar, committee, past events and contact us Visitors came from all over the world including countries USA, India, Australia, Russia, Japan, France etc A lot of people came to the site when they were expecting an event e.g. Diwali

17 JCM 2011 Suggestions Atleast 4 times swamivatsalya at Hindu Temple as a service Try calling Samniji for Paryushan Chaitya Paripathi try involving Milwaukee sangh Jain Jeopardy/quiz can be a winter event For January 2011 meeting next years executive committee should present 2011 tentative plan JCM should participate more in HATS Hindu temple school. Involve young JCM members – Have one event like JCM conference/presentation

18 JCM Questions ?

19 JCM Thank you 2010 Executive Committee President Ram Gada Secretary Sahil Mehta Treasurer Hiral Shah Past President Sushila Shah Members at Large Kavita Jain Manisha Shah Rajpal Jain Youth Representative Krupali Punamiya Web Master Shipra Jain Bhavin Shah JCM

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