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Leadership Summit Session 3: Planning for Success in SLA Leadership January 16, 2014 11:00 a.m.– 12:00 p.m.

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1 Leadership Summit Session 3: Planning for Success in SLA Leadership January 16, 2014 11:00 a.m.– 12:00 p.m.

2 Todays Presenters Debbie Schachter, Past Chapter Cabinet Chair James King, Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect Juliane Schneider, Division Cabinet Chair-Elect

3 Congratulations on Your New Role Today well cover: –sources of support and role requirements –Resources and information on the SLA website –Planning

4 Planned Succession What you should have received from your predecessor –Copy of the units annual report –Transition interview / advice / mentoring –Ask for a timeline for execution of responsibilities if you dont already have one in your policies and procedures document If you havent done so already… –Review your position description –Review your units policies & procedures or the SLA recommended practices for chapter or division

5 Make Appointments Now Line up your board and/or committee appointments now to have in place in January –Review your governing documents, policies & procedures to know your appointment responsibilities and timing –Ensure your nominating committee get appointed early in the year –Recommended deadline for elections: October 1st Start looking now to groom future leaders

6 Plan Your Year Schedule your board meetings well in advance Be familiar with SLAs strategic plan as well as your units, so you can move us all forward Think about what kind of leadership training might benefit your unit and ask your cabinet officers for help getting it Plan to attend leadership webinars Plan to attend cabinet meetings and leadership orientation at annual conference

7 Tap Into Leadership Communications Leadership discussion list Leadership Connections blog Board agendas, minutes, documents Cabinet meetings & minutes Idea banks (community of practice wikis) Leadership webinars

8 More SLA Resources: Who We Are, What We Do Cabinet officers Unit board liaisons SLA board SLA staff Major committees/councils: Finance, Nominating, Annual Conference Advisory, Membership

9 Some of Your Obligations Paperwork: –Leadership Responsibility Code form You AND your elected board members –Unit officer & committee chair roster –Financial reports & bank statements, due Jan. 31 –End of year annual report, due Dec. 1 SLA Governance –Representation in unit cabinets

10 More Obligations ! Communication –Communication conduit between your unit and SLA –Mentoring and modeling for your unit –Know your governing document and unit policies/practices –Always keep your chair/president-elect in the loop –Review and update your unit practices through the year, and transfer files to new officers and archivist!! –Have a sense of humor about it all, try to have fun, and share your enthusiasm.

11 Delegate! Use delegation strategically to help develop new talent in your unit –Look for opportunities to celebrate the success of those to whom work was delegated. Use delegation to share some of the work load so YOU dont burn out Use delegation as a tool, not to avoid responsibility yourself

12 Tap Into Resources Via Web footer:

13 Leadership Guides

14 Chapter & Division Idea Bank

15 Hidden Gem – Leadership Connections

16 SLA Global Calendar

17 Leadership Webinars

18 Planning! Is fun! (or not) BUT Complicated (and fun)

19 Planning for Annual Treasurer –Go over your budget with your treasurer and decide how much you can spend –Set a goal for the amount of sponsorship funds you would like to acquire Planner –Go over strategy for what kind of sessions you want and what divisions/other collaborators you want to approach.

20 Planning for Annual Vendor Relations/Sponsor Relations Chair –Include them in the strategy discussions Collaborating with our sponsorship partners –Be aware that budgets may be based either on fiscal year (July-June) or calendar year (Jan.-Dec.) –Approach partners with sessions that speak to their business, that already have a solid outline/idea, and hopefully include co-division sponsors.

21 Vendor/Sponsor/Collaborator Whatever you want to call them, they are an intrinsic part of SLA –Approach them like the colleagues that they are Pre-existing relationships –Find out who in your division has them, and split up the collaboration/sponsorship approaches Plan Plan Plan! Communicate Communicate Communicate!

22 Year-Long Planning Cultivate relationships with your fellow division chairs HERE. –Webinars –Twitter Chats Cultivate relationships with your fellow chapter chairs HERE. –Webinars –Local events in areas with large concentrations of division members

23 Year-Long Planning Delegate as soon as someone voices an idea for a session or event Find out who in your division is good at running webinars! Know what issues are unique to your division, and emphasize those in your plans for your year

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