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PV String Monitoring Solution

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1 PV String Monitoring Solution
Electronic Cards for use in PV Combiner Box Applications

2 Mersen PV String Monitoring Solution
The goals of PV String Monitoring For the investor: to measure energy produced and forecasted revenues For the operator: to detect defects for maintenance  But most existing systems have huge limitations Precision is not good enough at inverter level Monitoring systems are proprietary Data interpretation is not easy  Need for high quality universal monitoring systems

3 Mersen PV String Monitoring Solution
The advantages of string level monitoring Detection of problems as soon as they appear Precise localization of problems in the PV installation Pro-active maintenance Optimized PV installation performance Secured ROI, predictive revenues and reduced OPEX

4 Mersen PV String Monitoring Solution
Performance Ratio Monitoring of instantaneous electrical parameters Energy produced over time T Energy expected over time T Performance Ratio = Monitoring of operating conditions: T°, sun,…

5 Mersen PV String Monitoring Solution
A precise control of the installation from the PV field to the inverter String Monitoring in the combiner box Communication Gateway (GPRS, Ethernet, …) Monitoring Software Monitoring Software

6 Mersen PV String Monitoring Solution
Product Offering Flexible, High Performance Solution Three Electronic Cards MAIN Card AUX Card PROBE Card

7 Mersen PV String Monitoring Solution
Monitor 6 to 30 strings by connecting up to (4) AUX Cards to the MAIN Card Monitor up to 8 external inputs (7 analog + 1 digital) by connecting the PROBE Card

8 3 external relay control
Diagnostic & control: 4 digital inputs 3 external relay control Communication: MODBUS on isolated RS485 (1.2km cable) Aux Card extension: up to 4 Aux. cards in parallel 6 strings monitored per card 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 strings can be monitored by one single box Probe Card extension: 1 digital sensor 7 analog sensors: 4-20mA, ±1% precision 1-10V, ±1% precision 32bits microcontrollers Modbus Communication Measurement & data processing 16Mbit memory (6 months data storage worse case) Reliable operating range -40°C to +70°C operating temperature onboard temperature sensors (-40°C to +100°C ±2°C) Autonomous power supply from PV strings 250Vdc to 1000Vdc string voltage Low power consumption: 6 PV string inputs Max voltage: ± 1000 Vdc Max current: ± 25 A Precision: ± 0.5% Integrated Bus Bar 150A combined output (two output terminals, 75A each)

9 Mersen PV String Monitoring Solution
Features and Benefits Built-in Power Supply – Take power directly from the PV string. Eliminates the need to purchase and install a separate power supply to power the monitoring device Accuracy – 0.5% precision Voltage and Current Measurement – Additional voltage measurement provides a greater level of detail and is required by some integrators

10 Mersen PV String Monitoring Solution
Features and Benefits Flexible 6-String Device – Allows for greater flexibility (can be configured for 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 string boxes) Integrated Bus Bar – Combines strings into 1 or 2 outputs based on ampere rating. Eliminates the need for separate comb bus bar Increased Functionality – Option to connect up to 8 external sensors (anemometer, thermometer, sun sensor, etc…)

11 Mersen PV String Monitoring Solution
Available Resources and Tools Installation Guide Data Sheet Tech Topics PowerPoint

12 PROBE Card MAIN Card AUX Card

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