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سیستم آلارم دیجیتالی مجهز به ثبات خطا

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1 سیستم آلارم دیجیتالی مجهز به ثبات خطا
Digital Alarm Annunciator with event recorder

2 Description Alarm annunciator for use with all types of digital inputs that provide a voltage signal . Features 20 digital inputs that can be classified in 4 groups with separate output contacts . Also inputs 1&2 have the facility to operate as trip circuit supervision relay.

3 Characteristics 20 inputs for use with digital signals.
Each input accepts voltage signals. Programmable 16 character LCD text for each alarm. Current alarms are displayed and scrolled up on 2x16 LCD display. Alarm delay programmable within the range of 50 msec. to 600 seconds in steps of 50 msec. for each input separately. 20 LEDs with indication of new and acknowledged alarms.

4 Characteristics (continued)
Alarm inputs can be classified in 1 to 4 groups with separate voltage commons and separate output relays. In each group if there is many alarms in same time, the blinking frequency of the first alarm is different with others. Inputs 1&2 can be defined as inputs for trip circuit supervision as a part of system operation with separate voltage references. LCD provides real time input sensing. SD memory of 2G bytes for event logs with date & time (unlimited).

5 Characteristics (continued)
PC based programming and reading of event logs, through USB link. In addition to memory log , events can be recorded in MODBUS-RTU protocol via RS485. RS485 interface for field-bus communication. Remote programming facility. Standard MODBUS-RTU protocol.

6 Function The MAL-20C features a total of 20 programmable alarms. Multiple alarms can be assigned to the same input group to provide annunciation at different input selectable delays. An alarm is annunciated when the input passes above or below a fixed level.

7 Function ( continued) Annunciation of an alarm can be displayed on any one of the 20 LEDs located on the front plate. Each LED will indicate new alarms with flashing light and acknowledged alarms with steady light. The user can acknowledge all new alarms by pressing the “Ack” key. If the alarm input is removed, it can be reseted by “RST” key.

8 Function ( continued) The front plate includes an illuminated LCD display with 2 lines of 16 characters. The LCD provides the user with a 16 character alarm description.

9 Function (continued) The system can operate as an event recorder for it’s inputs. During event recording or data transfer, the alarms can be reported by their description or their number.

10 Function (continued) Inputs 1 and 2, and output relay1 can be assigned to be the inputs and output for trip circuit supervision application.

11 Connection The rear and front of the MAL20C annunciator is illustrated here. The power supply plug-in connector of the MAL20C includes 2 terminals, one for +60 to 180V DC and one GND reference. The MAL20C includes two standard interfaces for serial data communication. The RS485 is intended for long distance bus communication between multiple units. The USB port for alarm setting or data collection by a laptop or computer .

12 Connection rear view

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